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New feature: Bulk Email

New feature: Bulk Email

We’re excited to announce the launching of “Bulk Email” today! This new feature should save you lots of time if you are a heavy user of email templates in Close!

Currently this feature requires the Close Business plan.

Close lets you easily send an email template to all the leads that appear in a search query or Smart View. From any search results or Smart View page, just click “Bulk Actions” and then “Bulk Email”.

Bulk Actions

Then you can confirm you want to continue after reviewing a couple of options:

New feature: Bulk Email

Clicking “Preview” will give you one final preview screen, which allows you to preview several individual emails that will be sent out. This allows you to double check that all of your email template tags are being filled in properly, etc.

New feature: Bulk Email

Just one final click of the blue button and the templated email will be sent out to all of the matching leads.

You’ll receive an email when the bulk sending has completed. (You’ll also receive an email if there’s any problem).

For more information and answers to common questions, please see our Bulk Email FAQ.