New keyboard shortcut: Call or email the 1st lead on search pages

We’ve got keyboard shortcuts scattered throughout Close to help save you time. Typically those keyboard shortcuts are visible by hovering over various buttons on the site.

For example, from any lead page, you can press “control+shift+d” (or “command+shift+d” on Mac) to dial the primary contact phone number. Or use control/command+shift+L to create a new lead from anywhere within Close.

Today we’ve launched a new keyboard shortcut. From any search results page, you can now call or email the first result with a simple shortcut!

To try it out, head to a "Leads" search page, and try:

  • Control+shift+e (cmd+shift+e on Mac). It will email the first result with an email address.
  • Control+shift+d (cmd+shift+d on Mac). It will dial the first result with a phone number.

This, combined with the ability to focus the search box (control/command+shift+f) and “go back” (control/command+left arrow key) should save you a lot of time if you’re doing high volume calling or emailing.

If you’re reading this blog post soon after it’s publication, be sure to reload Close to get this change first.