New opportunities page

New opportunities page

We're happy to announce that we've launched a new version of the Opportunities page in Close. This page—now with a better layout and filters—is designed to help you see which deals are in your current pipeline, as well as report on past won/lost deals.

A few key improvements

  • Faster rendering and nicer UI
  • Ability to filter by multiple users at once (rather than having to choose between only one user or "all users")
  • Ability to filter by date range (e.g. only show deals from last quarter)
  • Ability to filter by multiple statuses
  • Ability to group opportunities by close date by week, month, quarter, year, or group by user—or disable grouping altogether
  • Ability to change how opportunities are sorted within each group
  • API changes to accompany the new filters / options
  • Export Opportunities to CSV or JSON

The old look


The new look


As always, we welcome feedback and hope you enjoy!