How to perfect your sales emails and close more deals (webinar)

How to perfect your sales emails and close more deals (webinar)
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Here's the recording of today's webinar about how to perfect your sales emails (and close more deals), with Mixmax's Don Erwin, Intercom's Dustin Crawford, Predictable Revenue's Collin Stewart and Steli.

In today's webinar, we got to hear from Don, Dustin, Collin and Steli about their experiences learning how to optimize (and revamp) how top B2B companies operate their sales processes—particularly when it comes to perfecting email as a tool for opening doors and closing deals.

Tune in to watch the full recording right here:

Shout out to our awesome panelists on today's webinar!

Don is the Head of Revenue at Mixmax, where their mission is to change how the world communicates. Mixmax is an email productivity platform that helps sales, customer success, and recruiting teams do their jobs more effectively with a range of useful email tools. Don's an experienced software sales leader with a proven track record of building high-performing sales teams.

Dustin is a Sales Manager at Intercom, the customer messaging platform (for sales, marketing and support) that's on a mission to make business personal again. Their suite of communication tools are are helping companies like Shopify, Atlassian and Sotheby's to acquire, engage and support more customers.

Collin is the CEO at Predictable Revenue, originally founded by Aaron Ross, of the award-winning, bestselling book Predictable Revenue, where they teach companies how to double, triple or more—their number of new sales. Their framework helped Salesforce increase revenues by over $100 Million.

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