Power Dialer upgrades: Now available worldwide + new tools to increase call volume

Power Dialer upgrades: Now available worldwide + new tools to increase call volume

We're proud to announce that Close's built-in Power Dialer is now available worldwide and we've added two new tools designed to increase call volume.

When we first launched the Power Dialer in the fall, we only supported calls made with US or Canadian phone numbers. We’re proud to announce that we’ve expanded support to the rest of the world.

The Power Dialer enables you to call through a list of leads faster than ever before. It does this by providing a “Call Next Lead” button and automatically moving sales reps on to the next lead until a call is answered.

To help you and your team get started, you can review the Power Dialer in detail in our Support Center.

Two new tools designed to increase call volume

While you’re in a Power Dialer session, you will notice a new menu:

This new menu, called “Dialer Settings”, comes with two new features:

  1. A "Reduced ring time" option - Turning this option on will reduce the number of rings before moving on to the next Lead.
  2. Dialer session share links - Shareable links that send your team directly where a Dialer session is taking place in Close.

Increase reach rates with the new "Reduced ring time" option

By default, the Power Dialer will ring the first Contact on each Lead for 32 seconds. We chose 32 seconds to let the call ring long enough so you can you hear the voicemail greeting in order to leave a voicemail message or pre-recorded Voicemail Drop.

The "Reduced ring time" option is intended to help those of us that want to avoid voicemail inboxes. When you turn the "Reduced ring time" option on, the Power Dialer will reduce the ring time down to 20 seconds. This will decrease the likelihood of hitting someone's voicemail inbox. Since you're spending less time per call, your call volume and reach rates should increase dramatically.

If your team is making calls out of the same Smart View with the Power Dialer, you can now send the team a share link that takes them directly to the Power Dialer session.

The Dialer session share links are intended to rally your team when they have a new set of Leads to go after. Just copy and paste the link into an email or Slack channel, and your teammates will be sent to exactly the right place!

Our Product team is actively making improvements to call automation within Close. If your experience falls short of your expectations or you have feedback, please reach out to Support Team so we can assist you.