Product feature: How Smart Views will keep your salespeople from drowning in tasks

Product feature: How Smart Views will keep your salespeople from drowning in tasks

“Can I automatically create follow up reminders?”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Close.

That’s why we wanted to tell you about Smart Views. Smart Views is a feature that’s unique to our CRM and our customers use it to stay on top of their pipeline. Smart Views tell sales reps who to follow up with and when to follow up. All this, without the use of checklists and tasks.

Let’s take a look at how Smart Views work and how they help our customers prevent things from falling through the cracks.

Why tasks suck for routine actions

Follow-ups are routine actions. Most people today are still using tasks for routine actions in their CRM because they don’t have an alternative or a better way of doing it.

Tasks, while they can get the job done, come with a lot of downsides.

  • They’re menial: Tasks require manual effort. You’ll end up creating the same tasks over and over again even if the task is the exact same thing.

    For example, if it takes an average of 10 follow-ups to close a deal, creating the same task called “Follow up” for every single lead means a lot of time wasted on creating the same task 10 times per lead.
  • They get cluttered up: One example of a routine action is calling a prospect after you haven’t reached them. If your prospect doesn’t answer, you need to manually change the date to set a reminder to call them again, which clutters up tomorrow’s to-do list.
  • They’re distracting: If you create a task every time you need to call someone back, eventually you will be flooded. You’ll start neglecting the task because prioritizing dozens of the exact same task in a meaningful way takes up unnecessary brain capacity.

Let’s say you want to follow up with your leads at least every seven days. Instead of creating tasks upon tasks, you can set up a Smart View that shows you all Leads you haven’t interacted with in the last seven or more days.

The Smart View below has been saved as “7 days ago” and shows all Qualified leads that haven’t been contacted via phone or by email in the last seven days.

Smart Views are dynamic lists and will pull in leads as soon as they fit the search criteria. This means that every time you lose touch with a prospect for more than 7 days, they will show up in this list, no matter how many times you lose touch with them.


Automate your workflow with Smart Views

Instead of manually creating tasks, Smart Views automatically tell you who to follow up with, when.

  • They’re effortless: Smart Views automatically pull in Leads that require follow-ups.
  • They make you more productive: Smart Views allow you to not have to constantly look at every individual task.

Get rid of your tasks and start using Smart Views to empower your reps, save time and spend your time in more meaningful ways—closing deals.

When to use tasks and when to use Smart Views

Tasks are perfect for accomplishing unique actions. For instance, calling someone back at a specifically requested time, or getting back to a prospect who had a specific inquiry.

Our Tasks feature also integrates with your calendar so that you can get an overview of tasks that need unique action and receive notifications.

Use Smart Views for

  • Routine actions. E.g. reaching out to cold leads. A Smart View is only created once, so there’s no need to create tasks over and over again. Once the Smart View is set up, it will automatically generate a list for your reps to reach out to.

Use Tasks for

  • Unique Actions. Tasks are set up for unique actions such as sending over a proposal or following up with someone at a specifically requested time.

Watch the video below where Kevin explains how to create a workflow in Close using Smart Views.

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