Product improvements: Undo Send, Caller ID , and more

Product improvements: Undo Send, Caller ID , and more

We're happy to announce some new product improvements. (In case you missed it, we published a batch of improvements a couple weeks ago too.)

The first is that when you send an email in Close, you'll notice an Undo Send button appearing on the outbox email.


Clicking "Undo Send" will cancel the email before it's sent. This allows you one final chance to spot any typos or wordings that you might prefer to change.

After about 10 seconds, the button will go away and your email will be on its way. It's also safe to leave the page or exit the Close app or browser tab even while the Undo Send button is still showing – your emails will still send.

We hope this helps prevent your next embarrassing email mistake!

Next up...

You can now change your Caller ID phone number for outgoing calls.

Previously when you made phone calls from Close, your only option was for those calls to appear "from" your personal Close phone number. Now, you have the option to change your caller ID to any of the following:

  • Any phone number that you ported into Close
  • A main company or sales phone number that is a Close Group Number
  • Your personal cell phone phone number
  • Your non-Close work phone number
  • A main company or sales phone number provided by any other external system, e.g. Grasshopper

If you have multiple numbers associated with your account, you can change the active outgoing caller ID number at any time in Phone Settings, like this:


If you're a member of a Close Group Number, your group number will appear as an option here alongside your personal/individual phone number. At any time you can switch your active outgoing caller ID number between your personal phone number and your Group Number.

To add any non-Close number (e.g. your cell phone) as a caller ID option, we'll need to manually set that up for you.

Read more about the Change Caller ID feature on our FAQ.

Finally, a few other bug fixes and improvements:

  • Large exports now complete significantly faster
  • Bumped up limit of email templates from 300 to 500. (We're also working on other improvements to make this limit much larger.)
  • Fixed a bug with the new "this week" relative date keyword, where it didn't work properly on Mondays in certain timezones.
  • Fixed a bug where date_created filters on the Task API endpoint didn't work properly.
  • Emails forwarded to Close's secret organization address are now processed faster, and you will get a response back if there was an error processing your email. We've also improved email processing by adding support for additional email clients and time zones, and by fixing display issues with forwarded HTML emails. See the FAQ article for details on how to forward emails to Close.