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Product Update: Customizing columns on the Opportunities view

Product Update: Customizing columns on the Opportunities view

We've added the ability to customize the columns on the Opportunities view to give you more context about a given opportunity without clicking into the lead.

The Close Opportunities view makes it easy to see the opportunities you expect to close within a given time period. It’s meant to give you a prioritized list of opportunities to focus on.

It’s common for sales teams to use this view to conduct a sales pipeline review, but we recommend that sales reps check on their Opportunities view every day to make sure they have followed up with their pipeline

In early 2016, we made it possible to filter opportunities by Smart View so you can filter opportunities to match a campaign or subset of leads that have matching attributes.

For example, you can filter your opportunities by using Smart Views that identify Outbound or Inbound leads to make it easier to grasp which lead source has the healthier pipeline value:

Customize the columns on the Opportunities view

When looking through the Opportunities view, it may be helpful to see specific lead fields or activities that help you identify opportunities that need a higher priority. To customize the columns you see on the Opportunities view, just click the button to the far right of the last column and select the fields you’d like to see.

By giving you the ability to customize the columns you see on the Opportunities view, you can get more context about your Opportunities without going into a given lead. By customizing the columns on the Opportunities views, you can:

  • See the last time you’ve communicated with an opportunity by selecting the “Last communication date” field.
  • See the local time for the opportunities in your pipeline by selecting the “Local time” field so you can pick the right time to follow up.
  • See the new task you have to complete on an opportunity by selecting the “Next task” field.
  • View which opportunities are scheduled to close from a given campaign you’ve set up via Custom Fields.

As a sales rep responsible for the opportunity, this a valuable tool that will help you get more context on what needs to happen next to close the deal. As a sales manager, you can get more context on where the opportunity is in your funnel without having to click into the lead.

Misc bug fixes and updates

In addition to being able to customize the columns on the Opportunities view, we’ve made the following fixes and updates in Close:

  • Tasks: Hovering over an assigned user's avatar on a task will now show you who created the task on the Lead page.
  • Added support for international domain names like "http://россия.рф" in custom fields, notes and contact/lead URLs.
  • Added the ability to have a Group Number so a team of people can all have the same non-Close number as their caller ID. You must contact support to set this up.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from updating a contact when there are many contacts on a lead.
  • Sending an inbound call to voicemail now leaves a missed call notification in your inbox if the caller hangs up without leaving a voicemail.
  • Ability to un-choose an email template when composing an email, which keeps your reporting accurate when you change your mind about using a template.
  • Ability to call back the same number from any Call activity on a lead page. This is helpful to make sure you are calling back the same specific phone number of the contact that called you. You could always do this for missed calls from Inbox, but now you can do the same from the lead page.
  • Opportunity exports now include lead custom fields.
  • New integration: Capture form submissions as leads with 99Inbound