Product update: Goodbye mp3 files—Record and edit your voicemail greeting in-app

Product update: Goodbye mp3 files—Record and edit your voicemail greeting in-app

When was the last time you updated your voicemail greeting?

Now there’s no excuse to have an outdated voicemail message, because we’ve made it easy to record a new one. That’s right, no need to upload mp3 files anymore—in-app recording has arrived.

Here come the details.

How to record your new voicemail greeting

You can now record a message directly in the app when you’re using browsers that support WebRTC (Chrome, Firefox) or when using our native app (Windows, Mac).

Head to Your Phone Settings, and choose “Edit voicemail greeting” (this will show up as “Enable” if you don’t have an existing voicemail greeting).


Next, you’ll see the new pop-up window.


Hit “record your message” to start recording and simply hit “done recording” once you’ve finished. There’s no limitation to the length of your voicemail greeting, so don’t worry—we won’t cut you off.


Play your new message and if you’re not happy with it, just click “start over.”


Your new voicemail greeting won’t be updated until you click “Save” in the pop-up window. (Previously, it happened on upload.)

You can still choose to upload a pre-recorded message. In the new pop-up window, the upload field has been replaced with a text link. Drag and drop uploading works as before.


Note that browsers that do not support WebRTC will display a warning along with the normal file upload interface.

The same feature also works for your pre-recorded voicemail drop. Edit your pre-recorded voicemail under Your Phone Settings just like you do with your voicemail greeting.

We hope you’ll enjoy the ease of recording and editing your voicemail greetings and voicemail drops and we’re looking forward to bringing you more updates shortly.

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