Product update: Give your sales cycle a boost with Close’s one-click Integration Links

Product update: Give your sales cycle a boost with Close’s one-click Integration Links

We’re excited to roll out Integration Links to all Close customers.

Connect your Close account to platforms offering complementary services and experience a more streamlined and accelerated sales cycle.

Let’s take a look at how Integration Links work and how they will help you close deals faster.

Integration Links are a way to integrate other websites and systems with Close.

Use Integration Links to instantly access other websites and provide them with data from your existing Leads, Contacts and Opportunities.

Create a link to search for a Lead's company name in Google, tweet a Lead directly from Close, look up a Contact's email in your internal database, or send sales documents to sign based on Opportunity data.

If there's an existing web link or service for that, you can integrate it with Close.

Creating an Integration Link is easy. There are two ways of doing it:

  1. Create a new Integration Link
  2. Enable an existing integration

Here’s how you do it:

1. Access Integration Links directly on your Customizations page

Go to your profile, choose Settings and then click Customizations. Scroll down and you’ll see Integration Links.


2. Create, edit and remove Integration Links

There are currently 3 types of Integration Links available:

  • Lead: This link appears on the bottom left of lead page, near "Merge Lead" button.
  • Contact: This link appears on every contact.
  • Opportunity: This link appears on every opportunity.

Each type has different set of fields available for use.

For example, you can create a one-click Google search for your leads. All you have to do is name your integration link, choose your type and insert this URL:{{lead.display_name}}


Once saved, choose any lead and you’ll see the Google search option appear right below the contact information.


In the URL field of the link, you can include data from certain fields from your Leads, Opportunities and Contacts.

To include the data, you can use a templating syntax that is very similar to email templates, putting field name in double curly brackets like this: {{lead.display_name}}

All fields available for inclusion are listed in editing dialog and clickable for your convenience.

All the data included into your template is escaped properly, so you never have to worry about validity of your Integration Links.

Find more examples in our support section.

After your Integration Links have been created, they will automatically show up on your Close Lead page near their relevant object.


Only organization admins can add, edit or remove Integration Links.

One-click eSignatures with PandaDoc or GetAccept

Using our eSignature Integration Links makes it easier than ever to send sales documents to your prospects.

Enable PandaDoc or GetAccept to sign, seal and deliver closed deals faster.

PandaDoc: Generate sales documents directly from Close within minutes

PandaDoc provides everything you need to build sales collateral from Close—pre-populate your quote, proposal or contract with data from your opportunity within Close.

Read more about the integration.


GetAccept: Send sales documents from Close with tracking and eSigning

Just click on the link to start the eSigning workflow from Close. All data will be added into GetAccept so the only thing you need to do is upload the document.

All events connected to the document will also be pushed back into Close and added as notes on the lead, making it even easier for you to stay on top of the process.

Read more on their blog.


Assign drip email sequences to your leads in one click

Are you using the third-party drip email tool It now offers an Integration Link to help Close users view the full sequence of emails a lead will receive.

See your emails in context of each other to determine if the messages sent are effective and timely. Through one click, you’ve now automated your sales workflow and made it easier to optimize your email campaigns.

More ready-to-use integrations coming soon. Subscribe to our blog to stay tuned for more updates.

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