Product update: Phone settings - Introducing a new, smarter UI for better visibility

Product update: Phone settings - Introducing a new, smarter UI for better visibility

Calling is a central part of your day. That’s why we work hard on improving the experience. We’ve updated the phone settings page to give you a better way of managing your phone numbers and give you more visibility and control over your numbers.

Previously, you were only able to make changes to your main personal number. There was no ability to make per-number changes and there was zero visibility into group numbers.

With this update, this has changed. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Meet your improved phone settings page

In the new UI, you’ll see:

  • Your personal phone numbers. This includes the number that was assigned to you when you signed up for Close or any number you ported in.
  • Your organization’s group numbers. Group numbers serve as your main line. Calls go to any available rep that’s a member of the ring group.

With this update in place, you’ve got more flexibility in managing your numbers and full visibility into your personal and group numbers.


Now that you’re familiar with the new UI, let’s explain how this will benefit you.

View all your personal phone numbers

At a glance, you get a complete overview of all your personal phone numbers. Here you’ll see:

  • Your primary number. This is the number that’s assigned to you when you sign up and it’s directly tied to your Close account. It could include a number that was ported in.
  • Your external numbers. This is a number you own, e.g. your personal cell phone number. You can choose to use an external number as your caller ID for outgoing calls.

Some users have multiple personal phone numbers. This might be the case of reassigning a number when a team member is leaving.

Configure or delete numbers based on your workflow.


Change your number or request a certain area or country code based on your needs. Did you relocate or get assigned to a new region? Now you can easily change your number.


View your organization’s group numbers

Your group phone number is your main line. This means that when the number is called, the phones of available reps will ring. Any given rep can choose to answer the call.

Here’s what you can do: Get a complete overview of all your group numbers and who’s in them.


You can now view which team members are members of any group to verify that all groups are setup correctly. Currently, you’ll still need to contact support to make changes, but we plan on adding self-serve UI for this soon.


Organize your group numbers using labels to give each group number an appropriate title. This makes it easy to distinguish which phone number an incoming call was made to when you’re receiving an incoming call or when you later see a missed call or voicemail in your Inbox.


Add a custom voicemail greeting and update it whenever you want.


Enable call forwarding for each individual group based on who’s on call and update call forwarding based on where you want to be reached.


Who sees what?

As an individual user, you’ll see all your personal numbers. You’ll also see all the group numbers within your organization, even if you’re not an admin.


Every user can edit and delete their personal numbers. Only admins can edit and delete group numbers.