Product Update to Email Follow Ups, Snoozing, and more

Product Update to Email Follow Ups, Snoozing, and more

We are excited to share a few recent product improvements to Close, in addition to the recently announced Send Email Later feature.

Add an email followup reminder to any email

We've recently rolled out an update to the way we're handling email follow ups. Until now, the only way to add a follow up to an email was to do so when you send it. Starting now, you'll be able to set a follow up on an email from either the lead or inbox pages. You'll also be able to edit the date of an email follow up after it's been set.

Being able to modify email follow ups will help you better track your important conversations. Below, we're on the lead page adding an email follow up that had been sent without one and then editing the date after the fact.

Modify snooze dates

In addition to the changes to email follow ups, you'll also now be able to modify the date of a snoozed item from either the inbox or the lead page. Being able to change the snooze date will allow you to more closely monitor tasks, voicemails, and emails. Here, we're on the future tab of the inbox page. We're changing the date at which a snoozed voicemail appears in our inbox in the future.

Ringtone based on the destination phone number

  • Different countries have slightly different ringtones. Until now, we always played a US ringtone for all of the calls made from and to Close numbers. It lead to some confusion among our international customers’ leads, who feared they were paying an international rate for a domestic call.
  • People will now hear an EU ringtone when calling Close users with phone numbers from European countries, and a UK ringtone for Close numbers from GB, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Close users will also hear an appropriate ringtone depending on the number of the lead they call.

Other improvements

  • The UI for editing, reordering, and merging lead & opportunity statuses from the Customizations page was improved.
  • Bugfix: Opportunities page now loads even when viewing opportunities from a very large number of statuses
  • Bugfix: Inbox items should no longer reappear at the bottom of Inbox immediately after being archived
  • Bugfix: Improved the way we display emails in Close so that we don’t unnecessarily show scrollbars.
  • Bugfix: Search now returns correct results for key:value queries containing special symbols, like a colon in the name, such as name:"some: thing" .

As always, we welcome your feedback and are hard at work on some other upcoming features, so stay tuned :)