Product updates: 3 ways we’ve made Close CRM even better during Q2

Product updates: 3 ways we’ve made Close CRM even better during Q2

Our engineers here at Close are always busy cooking up new, exciting features for you all.

And Q2 of 2021 was no exception: we have some very cool updates to share with you, including:

  • The ability to reorder and share Custom Fields
  • NEW Opportunity Custom Fields
  • NEW contact filters and search capabilities

Here’s a 3-minute summary of our latest product updates:

Want more info? Check out the 3 main updates you can now use and enjoy in Close:

1. Reorder and share Custom Fields across different objects

Custom Fields are used to store essential information about your leads, contacts, and activities in a structured way.

Before, Custom Fields were in a list based on the order you created them in. Now, you can reorder those Custom Fields as you wish, meaning you can adjust the fields inside activities as you iterate and improve your sales process.

Custom Fields can now be shared after they are created, meaning you can stop creating the same Custom Field over and over again on different objects. Create once, share across objects, and adjust as needed.

2. Opportunity Custom Fields

Each opportunity in your pipeline is unique. So now, you can track that unique data with Opportunity Custom Fields.

In the Custom Fields settings in Close, create fields to track structured data, including:

  • Type of product or service
  • Plan type
  • Number of seats
  • User ID
  • Contract start and end dates
  • Main decision-makers on the opportunity
  • Invoice and billing numbers
  • Shipment tracking numbers
  • ...or anything else you need to track!

Once you’ve created your Custom Fields, head into your Opportunities to add them.

Later, you can even filter your leads by these Custom Fields on the Opportunities they’re attached to. It takes your ability to customize your CRM software so it fits your specific sales process to the next level.

Check this article for a deep dive into using Opportunity Custom Fields.

3. Contact filtering

Speaking of filtering, we’ve also added the ability to filter and search through specific contacts (not just leads).

Now, you can specify the exact criteria you need to filter for on a contact level and create a list of contacts to reach out to in your sales process.

Advanced filtering features in Close allow you to combine different filters for a deeply personalized search, or specify filters to Match All or Match Any.

Ready to give it a spin?

If you haven’t tried Close for yourself yet, now is the time to give these brand-new features a test drive.

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