Recent improvements to Close

Recent improvements to Close

Just wanted to share a few improvements we've launched over the last week or so:

New features:

  • Differentiate incoming calls to Ring Groups. If you're a part of a Ring Group, you'll now be able to differentiate between incoming calls made to your personal phone number versus calls made to one of your Ring Groups.
  • Missed call/notifications for Ring Groups: Likewise, notifications for missed calls and voicemails will now show you if they were from calls made to a Ring Group versus your personal number.
  • Active call bar UI improvements: We made other improvements to the green bar that shows up while you're on a call. The first is cosmetic—it just looks nicer and displays the information in a more concise way. The second was a change made to help prevent you from accidentally calling back someone with whom you just hung up.
  • API endpoint for logging calls: In case you're not using Close's built in VoIP system, you can now log calls made from other places via a new API endpoint.

Bugs fixed:

  • Memory leak fixes: We tracked down several big JavaScript memory leaks that caused Close to feel slower and slower the longer it was open without being refreshed/restarted (especially if you viewed many leads in a row). We squashed those bugs which means that Close should feel faster than before after viewing a bunch of different leads.
  • Sent Email Report bug fixed: Fixed a bug on this report which prevented some of the links from working.
  • Keyboard shortcuts bug fixed: Fixed a bug preventing keyboard shortcuts (e.g. focus the search box via Cmd+Shift+F) to work if your cursor was inside another textbox.
  • Sending an email UI weirdness: If you sent an email with the same subject line as another recent email to the same lead, the UI would show some weirdness. Now it doesn't.


  • Advanced search FAQ: Ever wanted to go deeper with our search syntax? Check out our new search syntax FAQ.