Remote sales team? 4 ways to close more deals with video calls

Remote sales team? 4 ways to close more deals with video calls

We're all looking for a sales approach that'll close deals during this crisis. We want something that distinguishes us from all the messages, emails and noise of other sales professionals doing outreach of their own.

Here's the tough part:

Every salesperson is sending emails and making phone calls every day. A prospect's inbox is only going to get bigger and bigger over time, and it'll become increasingly difficult to stand out and get a prospects' attention.

If your sales team isn't using video in their sales process, it's time to change that.

Using videos in your sales helps to start discussions, increase your response rates, and build trust faster. Video allows the salesperson to convey information quickly, that would have taken an email of wording to explain.

Videos can come into play at every stage of the sales funnel, from first outreach to your follow up email sequence. And it's being consumed more than ever before, where it allows information to be delivered faster, making it an unstoppable medium.

Video happens to be a tool that you can get creative with, and the easiest way to be creative with sales videos is by using a platform like Zoom.


Here at Close, we’re integrating video conferencing into the CRM.

Once you connect your account in Close, your Zoom Cloud Recordings are automatically brought into the CRM and synced to a lead. Additionally, Zoom calls are now incorporated throughout your sales funnel, making outreach and follow up better.

It’s time to pay attention and start embracing video for sales.

And in this post, I’m going to share 4 ways you can use video to make your sales process even more successful this year.

1. Establishes trust with a prospect and customer

Being human builds trust.

Trust is essential in every relationship with a prospect or customer. To build relationships and sell your products and services, somebody must instill trust in you. And people crave businesses that showcase authenticity.

A video is an excellent tool for building trust with prospects and customers. It can feel more authentic to viewers than written content or a phone call. It allows others to put their eyes on the salespeople and choose whether or not to trust them.

By sharing insights and useful information, you can begin to develop a connection with prospects and customers. Video allows sales reps to showcase their knowledge. Therefore, prospects and customers start to become engaged, which then builds their trust in you.

After all, you wouldn’t purchase something if you didn’t trust the message behind it, would you?

2. Saves time when crafting the perfect message

We've all heard the saying, "time is of the essence." For sales reps, it's crucial.

Do you ever find yourself spending a long time trying to create the perfect email or phone call script? Most likely, you have.

As salespeople, we get asked the same questions more than once. Create video responses to those questions and then you can use them whenever that question comes up.

This will save you from writing the same email answer every day or answering it over the phone. It will make your response feel more personal because they get to see your face and listen to what you have to say.

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Free tools like Loom, Vidyard, and Soapbox from Wistia can allow you to record videos in no time. And when a prospect or customer sees that you took the time to make a video, they're more likely to take the time to answer.

If you're recording a video, it's imperative that you keep it shorter rather than longer. Not everybody has a long attention span. Keeping time management in mind is key, especially when it's sales.

Over time, you'll learn to show others who you are, in a short amount of time.

3. Adds a personal touch into the mix

A little extra personal touch can go a long way, especially in sales.

Adding video to your sales funnel communicates the value in your outreach.

Personalizing your videos can help differentiate you from competitors.

Tailor your message to the specific prospect or customer. For example, if they’re in the SaaS business, talk about the pain points they might be experiencing and how you can help them.

We live in a time where we’re flooded by thousands of messages each day.

For the sales rep, that means it’s tougher to stand out and build relationships. Although, if you treat each prospect and customer as a person, personalizing a video can help you connect on a higher level.

Personalization involves planning. You shouldn’t personalize everything, but you should personalize more than one thing. Two to four points throughout are key.

Likewise, the more a video is personalized, the more effective it will be.

4. Gives a human element to the conversation

Video is a great way to deliver content, enabling you to give a human element to your brand in a way that the written text is not always able.

Video lets you tell a story.


That story can help prospects and customers connect with you, your company and your offering. A good story also makes people think about what’s being communicated.

Talk about what you know best; your company and your offering. The human side of a video doesn’t necessarily come from a star on camera. Rather, it comes from being natural, having a personality and being knowledgeable.

Using video can allow somebody to see your body language and expressions, which makes it harder to ignore the message behind the sales outreach.

Don’t overly script them either. Viewers can tell if you’re looking at a script, which ruins the human aspect. Write down a few points, practice a few times and then go for it!

Your next step is to create something. It doesn’t have to be elaborate.

You want to remember to tell a story, engage your audience on the human level and make them feel valued.

Wrapping up

It’s only the start of the sales video revolution.

A sharp sales video can serve you at every stage, from cold prospects to leads, and when you’re trying to upsell and get referrals from customers.

As a sales rep, you need to remember to add a personalized touch, give a human element, build trust, and ensure you save time.

Once you start creating sales videos, the process will get simpler, communicating on the camera will become more natural, and you’ll get better at using them to close deals.

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