14 alternatives to RocketReach that generate quality leads

14 alternatives to RocketReach that generate quality leads

To effectively close deals and grow your business, you need to give your sales teams the tools they need—this starts with high-value leads.

RocketReach helps you directly connect with any professional, whether you’re looking to sell B2B, build partnerships, recruit talent, or find investors. Find the best connections, get access to their contact details, and perform bulk lookups to save time.

While RocketReach is an efficient tool, it may be too expensive or lack features depending on the needs of your business. If you know you need a similar tool, but that RocketReach isn’t the right fit for you, see our comparison of RocketReach alternatives below.

  • 6 best alternatives to RocketReach for small businesses
  • 4 great RocketReach competitors that suit startups
  • 3 sites like RocketReach with better features for enterprise
  • Tools like RocketReach comparison table: see how these email finders stack up
  • Email finder tool features: what they mean & when you need them

Use the table of contents above to find exactly what you need, or use this as a place to start your comparison. The comparison table makes it easy to identify the features available for each tool. You can then use the descriptions to compare the best options for you!

6 best alternatives to RocketReach for small businesses

As your business grows, you will need to scale your tools to manage your company effectively. The sites like RocketReach below have a range of useful features that you can use to help you attract and manage your leads.

1. Crunchbase

Photo credit: Crunchbase

Cost: $0/mo (Basic) | $29/user/mo (Pro) | Custom pricing (Enterprise)

Best feature: Intelligently search and target opportunities

Launched in 2007 by Michael Arrington, Crunchbase is the leading platform for discovering company, investor and funding data in the startup space. Using advanced search filters, analysis tools, and company alerts, CrunchBase lets you intelligently search and target the best lead and partnership opportunities for your business. Find prospects, investors, and more to help develop the best relationships for your business to grow and succeed.

2. Hunter

Photo credit: Hunter

Cost: $0/mo (Free); $49/mo (Starter); $99/mo (Growth); $199/mo (Pro); $399/mo (Enterprise)

Best feature: Find emails in seconds and connect with decision-makers that matter

Hunter connects you with email addresses to those that are viable candidates for your business. Use a domain search to find contact info at companies you are interested in partnering with, the email finder to find an individuals contact details, or email verifier to confirm the email addresses you've collected are authentic.

3. ReachHub

ReachHub helps you find new leads and accurate information

Cost: $49/month

Best feature: Integrated email sequence tool to add new leads to a sequence with one click

Great for small businesses, ReachHub boasts a database with 680M unique profiles, including verified personal and work emails. As you discover new leads on LinkedIn, ReachHub helps you find accurate contact information for them (including direct phone numbers). You’ll also get analytics such as click and response tracking, as well as meeting tracking.

4. AeroLeads

Photo credit: AeroLeads

Cost: $49/mo (Take Off) | $149/mo (Climb) | $499/mo (Cruise) | Custom pricing (Enterprise)

Best feature: Connect with decision-makers for high-impact results

Find email addresses of top decision-makers within the companies you want to connect with and phone numbers of prospective business partnerships. Search top professional sites like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, and more to find contact details of the most important people for your business, tracking your leads with AeroLeads software.

5. Skrapp

Photo credit: Skrapp

Cost: $0/mo (Free) | $49/mo (Starter) | $99/mo (Seeker) | $199/mo (Enterprise) | $299/mo (Global)

Best feature: Specialized B2B lead finders and outreach

Skrapp helps professionals find verified B2B email addresses from decision-makers at the businesses they want to connect with. Find individuals’ email addresses, collect them in bulk, and perform domain searches to quickly collect emails from a website. You can then export this data and reformat for your sales team.

6. Nymeria

Photo credit: Nymeria

Cost: $39/mo (Kilo) | $79/mo (Mega) | $159/mo (Giga)

Best feature: Collect verified emails with one cick, improving the value of your leads

The Nymeria browser extension allows you to collect email addresses with one click. Find verified emails connected to professional and social network accounts, building a solid lead list that will have a high delivery and open rate. You can then export this list for your sales team to turn into conversions.

4 great RocketReach competitors that suit startups

As a startup, you need to try to save on expenses, choosing your features wisely. The following are cheaper solutions similar to RocketReach that give you the essential service you need, without some of the bells and whistles.

7. EmailMatcher

Photo credit: EmailMatcher

Cost: Free

Best feature: Search a name and domain to quickly get an email address

AmpleMarket's EmailMatcher tool is a Google Chrome extension that helps you find email addresses by inputting an individual's first and last name and a domain. Email Matcher will then find relevant contact details and provide an email address that allows you to reach out to contacts important to your business.

8. AnyMail Finder

Photo credit: AnyMail Finder

Cost: $0 (90 verified emails) | $49 (1,000 verified emails) | $99 (5,000 verified emails) | $149 (10,000 verified emails)

Best feature: Find any professional email address with 97% accuracy

Anymail Finder provides you with authentic, verified email addresses that you can use as sales leads. With their pricing plan, you pay per verified email, ensuring that you are only paying for verified prospective leads. These have a 97% delivery rate, ensuring you connect with prospective leads.

9. FindEmails

Photo credit: FindEmails

Cost: $29/mo (Basic) | $49/mo (Better) | $99/mo (Best)

Best feature: Connect with company decision-makers instantly

FindEmails lets you search by name or company and title to find decision-makers at businesses that are of interest to you. You can then use these leads for outreach, connecting with these contacts and targeting the person at that business that is responsible for making decisions that are important to you.

10. GetEmail

Photo credit: GetEmail

Cost: $0/mo (Free) | $49/mo (Basic); $99/mo (Standard) | $149/mo (Premium) | $399/mo (Ultra)

Best feature: Find anyone's email within seconds

GetEmail leverages big data and machine learning to find email addresses from professionals at any company almost instantly. Search for contacts and find valuable leads that allow you to connect with relevant contacts at the business you want to partner with or sell to — all within a matter of seconds.

3 sites like RocketReach with better features for enterprise

If you're a larger company looking for a comprehensive service with many features to leverage, these enterprise solutions are ideal for you. These RocketReach competitors have many additional features — but they come at a higher cost.

11. LeadCandy

Photo credit: LeadCandy

Cost: $149/year (Basic) | $599/year (Standard) | $1,399/year (Plus) | $1,999/year (Gold) | Custom pricing (Enterprise)

Best feature: 95% email accuracy guarantee

Quickly and easily find emails for contacts of interest to your business. With a verification tool, they guarantee 95% email accuracy. You can enrich contact details, creating a full picture of your prospects contact information. You can even upload your leads in bulk to save you time and effort as well!

12. SalesIntel

Photo credit: SalesIntel

Cost: Contact for quote

Best feature: Comprehensive B2B contact data to drive revenue

Make meaningful B2B contacts that will help you drive growth and revenue. SalesIntel ensures that you have the most comprehensive, accurate contact and company details, allowing you to build positive relationships for your business and connect with the right potential customers.

13. Clearbit Connect

Photo credit: Clearbit Connect

Cost: Contact for quote

Best feature: Find email addresses in under 5 seconds

Find email addresses of prospective clients—and related personal details—in a matter of seconds. This integration pairs seamlessly with Gmail, making it extremely to use. Search for companies or people to find personal contact details, including their email address, professional title, and location.

14. ContactOut

Cost: $0/mo (Free), $29/mo (Personal), $99/mo (Professional), $199/mo (Recruiter)

Best feature: Its Chrome extension uses LinkedIn's data to provide quick & easy access to your prospect’s contact information.

Finding an email address, whether it’s for professional services or personal, can be time-consuming and frustrating. ContactOut can help you find email addresses for your friends, family members, and coworkers. It’s also great for getting in touch with companies and professionals to get the information you need. The site’s tools include a reverse email search and a contact lookup service that allows you to find names, addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, and more.

Tools like RocketReach comparison table: see how these email finders stack up

Use the comparison table below to quickly compare the services and features that are included in each tool, helping you choose what will meet your needs. Below, we outline what each of the terms in the comparison table means, to help you better focus on the options that meet your top requirements.

Email Finder Tool Company Database Professional Contact Info Domain Search Contact Verification Lead Management
CrunchBase No Yes Yes Yes No
Slik No Yes Yes Yes Yes
AeroLeads No Yes Yes Yes No
Skrapp No Yes Yes Yes No
Nymeria No Yes Yes Yes No
EmailMatcher No Yes Yes No No
AnyMail Finder No Yes Yes No No
FindEmails No Yes Yes No No
GetEmail No Yes Yes No No
LeadCandy No Yes Yes Yes No
SalesIntel No Yes Yes Yes No
Clearbit Connect Yes Yes No No No

Email finder tool features: what they mean & when you need them

To help you choose the best tool, we clearly outline what each of the terms from the comparison table above mean, helping you understand what services each tool has.

Company database

A company database refers to a database that contains company contact details. Services that boast a company database will give you access to this database as part of your service, allowing you to quickly gain verified business and professional contact information.

When you need this feature: Developing business partnerships, executing B2B sales, and attracting investors.

Professional contact info

These tools let you find contact details of professionals by searching someone’s name. Search websites and social networks for professional contact details, including their title, email, and phone number, helping you find prospects, perfect your B2B sales, and more.

When you need this feature: Connect with professionals for B2B sales and recruiting talent.

A domain search tool will search a website domain, and return contact information found on the site, such as email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, and more. This saves you time combing through websites for contact information, collecting this information in seconds.

When you need this feature: Collect contact details from a website in seconds.

Contact verification

Contact verification refers to a tool that includes a verification or validation process, which checks the accuracy and authenticity of the email addresses and contact information collected. Having a verification tool will reduce your email bounce rate, which will protect your email sender account from being penalized. It will also increase the delivery rate, open rate, and response rate of your outreach campaigns.

When you need this feature: Verify contact details for improved delivery rate.

Lead management

A lead management system allows you to collect, track, and organize the leads you generate. You can then integrate this with your outreach system to fully manage your marketing, sales, and other prospecting efforts.

When you need this feature: Manage and organize your leads and prospects.

Hopefully this helps you choose the right tool for your business, allowing you to get the tools and features you need most. As you grow, you can upgrade your solution accordingly. With the best tool for your business, you’ll be able to perfect your sales and drive revenue.