Create custom roles with Roles & Permissions

Create custom roles with Roles & Permissions

Transparency promotes productivity. That’s why everything you do in is visible to everyone on your team.

But some sales teams want more control over accessibility. They want to pick and choose which permissions are right for their sales reps. They want the ability to grant individual permissions without necessarily granting all permissions.

That’s why we built Roles & Permissions

Until recently, we’ve had two roles—Admin and User—with only a few hardcoded permissions.

But now you can create custom roles, add or remove permissions, and assign roles to new and existing users.


Want to prevent a sales rep from bulk emailing your leads? No problem. Simply create a new role that restricts their access to bulk email, or add them to a custom role you’ve already created.

It’s easy to create custom roles from scratch or choose from one of three editable, predefined roles—Super User, User, and Restricted User.

Assigning roles to users

Anyone with a user role that includes, “Manage Users, Billing, & Roles/Permissions” can assign people to different roles under Settings > Team & Plans.

Creating and editing roles

Access to “Manage Users, Billing, & Roles/Permissions” also allows you to create new roles or modify existing ones.

To create a new role, click “+ Create a new role” at the bottom of the page. From here, you can also duplicate an existing role and/or edit its name and permissions.


To edit an existing role, click on a role under Settings > Roles & Permissions. From there, you can edit the role name, add or remove permissions (e.g. “Bulk Edit”), and add or remove groups of permissions (e.g. “Bulk Actions”). Once you’re done, click Save in the top right corner of the page.


As you can see, we've also added 11 new permissions:

  • Manage Team Email Templates
  • Bulk Import
  • Bulk Email
  • Delete Leads
  • Merge Leads
  • Manage Others Opportunities / Tasks / Activities
  • Delete Own Opportunities / Tasks / Activities

A few more notes...

The Admin role can’t be deleted or edited, but all others are completely customizable.

Some permissions are dependent on others, so they’ll be enabled automatically. For example:

  • Bulk Delete auto-enables Delete Leads
  • Delete Leads auto-enables all permissions from the Opportunities / Tasks / Activities group

Users can preview most features—even if their access to certain permissions is limited—but they won’t be able to actually perform the action. For example, if users can’t delete their own tasks, but they try to do so anyway, they’ll receive this notification:


As always, our Support and Success teams are here to help with any questions you have. You can contact Support here or contact your Success manager directly.

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