Sales Activity vs. Engagement - by Tawheed Kadar

Sales Activity vs. Engagement - by Tawheed Kadar

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TAWHEED KADER, Founder & CEO, ToutApp

TAWHEED KADER, Founder & CEO, ToutApp

Focusing on Engagement

Sales engagement is a really intimate relationship.  For someone to give you money, for them to trust you and invest in you, its difficult.

At Tout, we don’t sell, we deliver happiness.

Two sales people and their goal is to make people happy using Tout

Initially they were focusing on output

How many cold calls did you bang out?

how many emails did you send?

how many demos did you do?

At Tout - they think about sales as marketing. What does the modern sales person look like? Today, sales is about engagement rather than activity

People don’t like emails after calls that say “pay us” or “following up” or “next steps”

The goal of Tout sales people is to make customers successful

When they  send out emails its about making people successful.  Getting them started, showing them a good time

Activity v engagement

In emails, its about getting the most out of the platform

Sales people (from a specific name) get better emails than from “team” (or generic).

Sales people should be tracking their email open and response rates if they’re not (tout pitch)

They send blog posts in emails to provide value.  After you provide value, they will come back to you

Measuring engagement

How do you measure?

They developed ‘ baseball cards’ for sales reps that can track their stats.

The report tells how many emails have been sent, how many emails are getting read, how many are getting responses

Sales isn’t about activity, its about engagement

You should deliver value to their inbox

Radical ways to drive engagement

Modern sales person

Creates and shares relevant content

Nurtures relationships

provides information

Finds prospects and does outreach

What if leads find individual people who sell email tools online when searching on google later rather than companies. Instead of ToutApp, you might find an individual sales person

You will find people who know a lot about sales and then ask them for help. Thats how you will find products, through people, not the other way around.

The future of sales if focused on engagement and not activity

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