10 sales blogs you should be reading every day

10 sales blogs you should be reading every day

Warren Buffet famously said, “The more you learn, the more you earn.” And if “there’s no better way to learn than to do,” second best might be to learn from the triumphs and challenges faced by others.

For all you future Buffets out there, the following sales blogs represent the best-of-the-web when it comes to sales content. You’ll hear from other sales leaders and discover the tips and techniques they use to sell more, faster, and better.

Now, bookmark these sites.

Visit one or two of them at the start of each day.

Pick up some new techniques, hacks, or approaches.

Then, get on with your day and crush your sales goals.

Let’s begin.

The top sales blogs (in no particular order) :)

1. Sales Hacker


Sales Hacker shares the latest sales tips and tactics, including strategies from top experts in the industry plus killer lead generation, outreach, and negotiation techniques you can implement today.

They not only publish new blog posts often, but also provide useful content such as podcasts, webinars, online courses, sales training, videos, eBooks, and more. Sales Hacker covers a wide range of topics and publishes content in a variety of formats—so, no matter how you prefer to consume your sales content they’ve got you covered.

Read this post: Sell like an entrepreneur: The simple mindset shift that wins more deals

Excerpt: “Professional sellers who think like owners of their territories take more accountability for their outcomes and success, no matter what’s going on around them. They find a way, every time, to make their number. In doing so, they usually create higher value for their clients, higher margins for their organization, and maximize their commission checks. If you’re a sales leader, think about your team for a moment.”
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2. Close Blog


We're slightly biased on this one, but we're committed to sharing fresh sales advice at least once a week here on the Close blog. Our CEO Steli Efti shares his sales and startup knowledge to help you master the art of sales. From improving your sales techniques to managing the most complex sales objections, he covers it all.

In addition to valuable sales content, we’ve got downloadable sales books, templates, checklists, scripts, and more. He holds nothing back.

Get a head start today by downloading all of Steli’s books and resources for sales reps, managers, and founders for free.

Read this post: Master the sales follow-up with this proven formula (Tells you exactly when and how to follow-up for maximum results)

Excerpt: “It's easy to focus on the initial contact. The first meeting. The email you've sent to someone important. You reach out to someone and then feel good about yourself. You've done your job, you've pitched and reached out. You've asked for a meeting/call/etc. Now all you have to do is sit around and wait for them to respond.

And that's the problem—you have no follow-up hustle.”
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3. Sales Gravy


Jeb Blount, sales acceleration specialist and bestselling author of Fanatical Prospecting, shares thousands of free articles, videos, podcasts, tips, training, and advice from the top sales experts on his blog.

Read this post: Leadership is human

Excerpt: “Organizations of all kinds regularly send their people to leadership-development training. spending literally billions on training current and future leaders.

Yet studies, data, and our research through interviews indicate that the state of leadership in the workplace is atrocious.

Why? Leaders at all levels fail at the interpersonal side of leadership—they forget or ignore the fact that leadership is personal.”
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4. SalesFolk Blog


If you’re looking to improve your sales email skills, the SalesFolk blog has you covered. They provide cold email examples (and not just the good, but also the ugly), suggestions, and new ideas.

They even have a category called “Hall of Shame” where they share the worst prospecting emails (ouch!). Just ensure you don’t make the same cold email mistakes.

Read this post: 3 cold email mistakes that ruin sales conversations

Excerpt: “If you’re selling to a broad range of titles and industries, it can be tempting to aim for the most generic message possible that could appeal to anyone on your list. Instead of narrowing down your audience and your value propositions, you pick the broadest reasons why someone would choose to buy your product or work with your company.

And it doesn’t work. It never does.”
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5. InsideSales.com Blog


The InsideSales.com blog is a great resource for a variety of sales roles. Updated often, they share how-to’s, essays, and articles on all things sales and marketing.

Read this post: [Infographic] 8 skills every top performer should have

Excerpt: “What makes a Zig Ziglar, Grant Cardone, David Ogilvy, or Dale Carnegie?

What separates the good from the truly great? And what sales techniques will help reps get more business, handle objections, and have better overall sales conversations?

We made a list of the sales skills of the best sales reps, and you know what? Talking people into buying things wasn’t high on the list.”
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6. CloserIQ Sales Blog


CloserIQ’s network of more than 30,000 sales leaders share their sales strategies straight from the trenches. As a sales recruitment firm, their blog is perfect for sales managers and recruiters with content focused on hiring top sales talent and sales operations.

Read this post: 7 interview questions to find rockstar sales reps

Excerpt: “When hiring for a rockstar sales fleet, the interview questions can make or break you. Add these magic bullet questions to your next round of sales interviews and you’ll find the reps that will thrive. You’ll also know which candidates should be shown the door.”
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7. OpenView Venture Partners Blog


OpenView Venture Partners is an expansion-stage venture firm with experience in investing and building sales teams for early-stage software companies.

On their blog, they share insights and actionable advice for  sales managers—including using metrics to ramp up your sales team, selling to enterprise customers, product-led growth, and more.

Read this post: Rethinking the product demo for product led growth

Excerpt: “Remember, customers are trying to make an informed buying decision in the shortest time possible. Is your process optimized to help buyers quickly experience your product’s “aha” moment? Or are you expecting in-trial customers to complete what amounts to an implementation process before they can begin to see the value of the product?”
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8. Predictable Revenue Blog


Aaron Ross, award-winning and bestselling author, has spent years teaching companies how to double or triple (or more) their sales. On the Predictable Revenue blog, he and his team share the latest B2B sales trends.

Recent topics on this sales blog include cultivating confidence, growth secrets, and the power of long-term goal setting.

Read this post: The key to getting your first 10 customers isn’t sales — it’s product

Excerpt: “In addition to speaking with as many potential users as possible, there are other methods of ascertaining the effectiveness and necessity of your product. For example, I suggest employing the always illuminating toothbrush test, which, simply put, means understanding how many times your users log into your product each day. Is it twice per day (the same amount of times they’d use a toothbrush)? If so, you’ve likely hit on a pretty powerful need.”
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9. Jill Konrath’s Sales Blog


Sales thought leader Jill Konrath is always searching for the freshest sales strategies. Then, she shares her findings with the world.

Discover how to speed up your sales and win more business, as Jill combines first-hand experiences and sales tips like a pro. Her most recent topics are focused on value propositions, conversational sales, and keeping competitors out of reach.

Read this post: Is your value proposition strong enough?

Excerpt: “Clearly articulated value propositions can be used to develop highly effective phone or email messages that highlight your buyers’ primary issues/challenges and the key business results your product, service or solution addresses. They can also be used to create buyer-centric presentations, customized proposals and spot-on marketing initiatives.

Let me be clear though. There is not one single value proposition that rules them all.”
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10. The Make It Happen Blog


Ready to make it happen? John Barrows, a sales trainer to the world’s fastest-growing companies, is a valuable sales resource for leaders looking to accelerate their revenue teams.

His sales-related blog posts are engaging and unforgettable. Learn through his personal experiences in sales—including topics like how John knew he was going to lose a $200k deal and 11 sales tips he learned after getting drunk in Vegas and buying a timeshare (sounds fun!).

Read this post: 5 voicemail tactics to get more callbacks

Excerpt: “Voicemails should be part of any overall contact strategy that includes a mix of calls, e-mails, social selling and other ways of getting your message in front of the right target prospect. If your contact strategy includes quality and relevant messaging each time it increases the chances of someone responding. They may not call you back from your voicemail but if they see (e-mail), hear (call/voicemail), see, hear different values of your solution they may eventually reach back out. The question isn’t whether or not to leave voicemails, it’s how do you leave good voicemails?”
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11. Bonus! The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino


Author of The Sales Blog, Anthony Iannarino, is a reputable speaker, author, and sales leader. His sales tips are straightforward and refreshing, making his style of writing easily digestible and practical.

Read this post: The three most important metrics in sales

Excerpt: “Everything is important, but not everything can most important. When it comes to metrics, more is not always better. There are, however, some metrics that tell you much about your sales results—and your challenges. These three metrics in sales can tell you a lot about what you need to know to improve.”
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Follow each of these sales blogs and positively impact the way you approach selling.

What are your favorite sales blogs? Let me know on LinkedIn! We'll keep updating this post based on your comments.

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