Sales Brief: Anti-sales culture, business intelligence, performance reviews, & more

Sales Brief: Anti-sales culture, business intelligence, performance reviews, & more

Traditional performance reviews weren't working for Groove, so they got rid of them. They developed a new way to do reviews and it now saves them 40 work hours each quarter.

This is part of a new article published from Groove this week, which also includes a performance review template you can use to streamline your own review process.

Also covered in this week's Brief is an in-depth Sales Enablement piece we published on our own blog. Whether you know nothing about Sales Enablement, or think there's not much to it, this is something to add to  your reading list.

If you're looking to amp up your sales enablement efforts, also be sure to check out our latest free sales bundle: The Sales Enablement Toolkit.

We've got more stuff to highlight from CloserIQ, Sales Hacker, and Startup Chat, so let's jump into it.

Getting rid of the bullsh*t performance review: This 4 step checklist saves us 40+ hours each quarter


So many startups spend valuable time on bulky performance review plans. And it can be a hell of a time waster if you're not getting clear and valuable direction out of it.

Groove decided to ditch traditional performance reviews entirely and saved a ton of time in the process. In this write up, they outline how you can replace your current idea of “performance reviews” with a less formal process that's actually more effective.


Sales enablement: what is it, and how does it work?

An updated study released by CSO Insights showed over 60% of surveyed companies had developed a sales enablement program for their team. Why are so many businesses using sales enablement? Because it works.

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about sales enablement: what it is, how to optimize, best tools for automation, which metrics to track, and best practices.


How to coach underperforming sales reps


Coaching underperforming sales reps is one of the biggest challenges that managers face. Too often managers focus on the symptoms of a representative’s underperformance rather than the root causes.

Is it possible to coach underperforming sales reps to average or even above-average performance? Yes...but it requires strategy.


The Startup Chat: Business intelligence for startups


When your startup scales, so does the amount of data you need to manage. The bigger your company gets, the harder it becomes to make proper sense of that data. Enter business intelligence.

In this new Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about what business intelligence means, questions to ask when you do business intelligence, tools that can help you do business intelligence better, and much more.


Getting started with outbound sales? (Let’s start with strategy)


Do you know your ICP? Is your value proposition rock solid?

When it comes to outbound sales, if you haven’t done the proper groundwork and created an infrastructure for success, things can get messy.

Saleshacker published an article covering 4 essential elements you need to build a successful outbound sales strategy. The list isn't the end-all-be-all, but still a fantastic piece if you're looking for proper direction.


Perception — Do you have an anti or pro-sales culture?

angry-annoyed-woman-raising-hands-up-to-say-no-stop-sceptical-and-distrustful-look-feeling-mad-at_t20_VL0kw7 copy

You might be shocked to learn that your company actually has an anti-sales culture problem. This article features sort of a sales culture "litmus test". How does your company stack up?

The good news is that there are reforms you can make to encourage your company to be more "pro-sales", so it's not too late!


Sales enablement is all the buzz right now, but executing an effective sales enablement strategy isn’t a walk in the park. That's why we created a free kit that'll take your sales enablement efforts from 0-60.