Sales Brief: Bad sales calls, SPIN selling, startup urgency, & more

Sales Brief: Bad sales calls, SPIN selling, startup urgency, & more

Have you heard of SPIN selling? What's the best way to establish a remote work culture? How should you respond to bad sales calls? We'll be covering all this and more in this week's Sales Brief line up.

Lots of fresh sales content this week, including in-depth guides, sales tips and advice, and a free remote work resource from Toggl.

But first...what are you doing in May?

Because you should spend it with us! Close will be speaking live at The Future of Sales Festival: The world's first and only online festival dedicated to revenue leaders. The festival will be headlined by over 30 industry experts, and feature 20+ hours' worth of action-lead presentations. This is something you won't wanna miss!

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This week at Close, we launched an exciting new CRM feature available for all plans: Contact Custom Fields.

With this new functionality, you can now manage, search, and organize your leads using fully customizable criteria — making it easier than ever to personalize your selling approach.

You can learn more about Contact Custom Fields in this post, which includes practical examples and ideas on how to use it to supercharge your lead outreach within Close. Want to try out the feature yourself? Try Close free →

Now without further ado, let's jump into this week's best sales content.

SPIN selling: How to perfect your sales messaging by talking to customers

SPIN selling is a unique sales strategy, first presented by Neil Rackham in his 1988 sales book of the same name. You might think it's an outdated approach now that we're in 2020, but results say otherwise. Top sales teams are using SPIN selling and seeing remarkable results. Motorola's sales team used it and saw a 30% increase in their close rate. Could it work for you?

This new in-depth guide will give you an introduction to SPIN selling, how it works, and how to properly incorporate it into your sales process.


Out of office

Working remotely is becoming increasingly common, but many companies are still struggling to figure out how to best make the switch. Toggl recently released Out of Office, a free resource that explores practical ways to smoothly transition as a remote company and establish a successful remote culture.

Out of Office is split up into six in-depth chapters covering topics like how to hire remote talent, what onboarding should look like, building and leading a distributed team, and more. Want to learn how to take your company remote? Sign up for a free Toggl trial and get this resource today!


Slack CRM integration: How to use Slack + Close to win more deals

Want to get the most out of your CRM? The answer is Slack. By connecting your CRM with Slack, you’re able to shine a spotlight on the things that matter the most to your business: team knowledge, collaboration, energy, and morale.

In this article, you'll find a variety of clever ways you can integrate Slack to automate your sales workflow, like new opportunity notifications, billing change alerts, missed calls or voicemail reminders, and much more.


Momentum vs. learning: How to react to bad sales calls?

If you're a sales rep, you've probably experienced your fair share of bad sales calls. We all have. And while you may have the urge to never pick up the phone again, this article proposes a different response: positive psychology.

It's not as clichéd as "just think positively", though. It's a way to investigate and challenge your negative thoughts, and arrive at a more nuanced conclusion of a bad situation. This article shares some examples of how to use positive psychology to promote a healthy attitude while selling.


How to instill a sense of urgency in your business

In the startup world, the most successful CEOs tend to be the ones that maintain a sense of urgency and order in their business. They react quickly to market changes, develop new products all the time, or add new features to existing ones. Having this sense of urgency is key to the success of their startup.

In this new episode of Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten discuss what it means to have a sense of urgency — plus how to react in times of crisis, how to sustain intensity at all times, and how to instill a sense of urgency in your business.


How to grow B2B sales during the “new normal” of 2020 & beyond

Due to the ongoing crisis, the next few months may prove to be the survival of the fittest. Companies are struggling to adapt in these uncharted waters. But where there is difficulty, there's also opportunity.

In this article, you'll find strategies, tips, and advice on how to grow your company and sales throughout the pandemic and beyond.


If you have an inbox, it's probably flooded with COVID-19 emails from a slew of companies. Some of them are great. Others? Not so great. Want to know how to properly communicate with your customers during the Coronavirus crisis? We put together real-world examples of some of the best emails.