Sales Brief: Cold scripting

Sales Brief: Cold scripting

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Cold call scripts: 7 steps to create a script that sells

We all know that cold calling is difficult, and our nerves can easily get the better of us when we’re the ones calling. But as much as some "sales experts" and growth hackers like to proclaim that cold calling is dead, I’ve got news for you: it’s not.

If you want to be successful with cold calling, you should be using a sales script. In this article, we share seven steps for building a cold call script that sells, plus some best practices on how to use it.


27 revealing sales discovery questions every SaaS rep should know

Want to understand your prospects better? Then you need to learn the art of asking questions.

A good sales rep knows that asking the right questions can reveal true motivations, uncover obstacles before they block the deal, determine product fit, and even build awareness of a particular need.

Here are 27 powerful discovery questions you can use on your next call.


3 unusual drivers of early-stage growth

In any early-stage growth company, it’s the people you attract, hire, train, promote, and “communify” who enable and accelerate your time to market and your customer acquisition and satisfaction.

People are the root of a company's success. As a leader, the people you hire and how much you can keep them happy and engaged can have a massive impact on company growth.


How to get your first 100 SaaS customers in 5 easy steps

Did you just launch your product and you’re finding it difficult to find your first 100 customers? A SaaS copywriter shares his experience building and scaling products for solo founders and startups over the years.

Here's what many new founders fail to realize...


How to use sales multi-threading to your advantage

Reaching a dead end when bringing in a new sales account is nothing new. But it illustrates an important lesson: Having just one point of contact or champion is no longer enough. Buying groups for complex B2B solutions involve anywhere from six to 10 decision makers. Enter: the multi-threaded sales approach.

In this article, zoominfo dives into what sales multi-threading is, why you should consider implementing the approach, and how to carry it out.


Help prospective clients by using these six lenses

When you are sitting across the table from a client (or anyone, really), a large part of what they say is their subjective truth. A large part of what you hear is likewise filtered through your subjective truth.

To sell effectively, it's always helpful to understand a prospect's subjective truth, even if it conflicts with your own beliefs. Learn tips on how to sell while navigating prospect subjectivity.