Sales Brief: Panic selling, remote meetings, growth lessons, and more

Sales Brief: Panic selling, remote meetings, growth lessons, and more

As the outbreak situation continues to unfold, more and more companies are transitioning their teams to work remotely. Selling in this climate requires new ways of communicating with your customers and promoting your product.

If you're struggling to adapt, you're in the right place! In this week's Sales Brief, we're covering a variety of resources and articles that'll teach you how to lead your team, sell to customers, and effectively work remotely during these uncertain times.

We recently launched a new resource called The Expert Guide to Remote Video Sales Calls in collaboration with We Work Remotely and Olark. It features actionable tips and a detailed checklist that'll get you up to speed with video conferencing and closing more deals, remotely. You can download the resource free here.

We're also continuing to update our Remote Sales Survival Guide with new articles, videos, and resources. Two of them are highlighted below, but be sure to check out the entire guide for tons of tips and advice for going remote.

Without further ado, let's jump into this week's sales brief...

Remote work tip #3 by Steli Efti


At Close, we've been a fully remote company for over 5 years. We've experienced our own set of challenges and have learned a TON along the way.

Our founder, Steli Efti, has been sharing advice on Linkedin on how to work effectively in remote setting, and today he published his #3 tip: How do you maintain productivity and prioritize the most important tasks while working remotely?


How to start every meeting during this crisis

Steli-Thumb-3-how-to-start-meeting copy

One of the downsides to working remotely as a manager, is that you're "flying blind" in a way. It's hard to gauge how each team member is doing — and with the current crisis, it's more important than ever to make sure emotional needs are met.

At Close, we've implemented a few crucial changes to the way we operate our meetings, and have seen significant benefits. The changes (and the reasoning behind them) are outlined in this post, along with a video from our founder, Steli Efti, sharing his thoughts on team communication.


Marketing and growth lessons for uncertain times


In 2002, a study researched how companies faired during the recession of the early 1990s. The study focused on what the companies did during the recession that affected performance after the recession. Those who came out on top were classified as “leaders", and the way they responded during the crisis hugely impacted how they rebounded.

So what did these "leaders" do? This in-depth article from CXL looks at both the winning strategies and the critical mistakes companies made during economic hardship, and how we can apply it to our current situation.


How to close deals during a pandemic

the-biggest-current-sales-mistake-during-covid-19 copy-1

Building trust and establishing rapport is important in sales under normal circumstances — and now, more important than ever. How can I keep selling to my customers without being perceived as insensitive or out of touch with current events? That's the question on every salesperson's mind right now.

This post covers 2 major selling mistakes that are trending in the sales sphere right now. Learn ways you can curtail these bad practices and sell in a way that's relevant and useful for your customers.


How to manage a remote team (4 fears you MUST overcome)


The adage, “You are only as good as your team,” is especially true for sales. While many sales leaders express concern about not having the right systems in place to run a remote team, what they’re really worried about is: Will my team perform in this new environment? Will they respond quickly to shifting priorities? How can I keep them motivated?

This post covers the top four fears sales managers are facing right now, with tips and advice on how to conquer them to lead your team to success.


Marketing during the COVID-19 crisis

countdown-movie-scene copy

If you look at your inbox, it's probably exploding with emails from a variety of brands and companies: all of them informing you on how they're dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Is this the right approach for a company? Or is it bullshit? In this new Startup Chat podcast episode, Steli Efti and Hiten Shah discuss their opinions on how companies should approach brand messaging and marketing during the COVID-19 crisis.


Find yourself in an unavoidable remote work situation? Check out our FREE guide on how to survive and thrive as a remote team: The Remote Work Survival Guide.