Sales Brief: Deceptive sales practices

Sales Brief: Deceptive sales practices

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How to prep for a mock sales pitch interview + creative ways to stand out

When it comes to sales interviews, your resume could be rock-solid...but are you prepared to nail the mock sales pitch? Interviewers may be interested in qualifications, but what they really want to see is your sales skills in action.

In this article we'll teach you how to use company and customer insights to boost your sales pitch in the interview, as well as creative ideas to help you stand out. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to walk into that interview with full confidence in your mock sales pitch skills.


How to use call monitoring: 9 scenarios to listen, whisper, or barge a sales call

Call monitoring allows sales managers to listen to their team on live sales calls and give valuable feedback that helps close deals. Now, as many sales teams have moved remote, listening to sales calls has become even more difficult. Enter call monitoring.

In this article, we explore the technology that drives call monitoring in a remote setting, plus 9 scenarios where you can utilize functionality like Listen, Whisper, and Barge to coach reps and help close deals.


7 common mistakes business owners make when trying to grow sales

There are lots of options available to increase sales. Typically it’s not a lack of solutions that's the problem, it's the difficulty in choosing the right one at the right time. Digital marketing consultant, Stephen Bavister, has seen every mistake in the book from companies he's worked with over the past 15 years.

In this article, Stephen shares 7 of the most common mistakes businesses make when trying to grow sales. Learn what to watch out for, what to avoid, and which solutions work best.


How to recognize and master the sales conversation

What do sales and drumming have in common? If you're thinking "not much", check out this article. It highlights a drummer on Youtube who is able to listen to a new song once, recognize the patterns, then replicate the song perfectly on his drum kit.

Mastering the sales is just like any craft: it takes time and continuous effort. And the sales conversation, even though it can be surprisingly nonlinear, is very much like a song.


The sad proliferation of deceptive sales tactics

Where's the line drawn between acting personable and caring toward a lead and being downright manipulative and deceptive? We've all gotten those cryptic LinkedIn messages where a stranger acts like your long lost friend, only to bait you into a product demo. Building a long-term business on the back of methods that trick people into giving you money never works long term.

This author has a hot take on selling: Stop wasting time fake "caring". Get to the point. Be upfront and sell! That's what a good salesperson would do, right?


Slick hacks for your next Zoom demo

Pretty much everyone has been using Zoom for over a year now. But are you a boss-level Zoom user? Or are you still stuck in the level of forgetting to mute/unmute?

James Urie is a total boss at Zoom, and he shared some pretty neat tips for sales reps using Zoom for meetings with prospects (especially when you’re doing a demo with multiple people). Check out his tips in this video.