Sales Brief: Decision intelligence

Sales Brief: Decision intelligence

2020 has tested our will and determination.

And when it comes to building—and scaling—your business, this truth hits hard. Investment dollars have tightened up, sure, but money is still on the table…IF you can prove that your business is built to survive.

This week, we shared a deep dive on the best ways to level up your investment pitch (hint: it’s basically your best sales pitch on steroids). And as I’ve mentioned before, our free sales deck templates (and guides) are a solid way to start.Be strong, take care of each other, and go get ‘em!


How to pitch to investors: Mistakes to avoid and 8 expert tips to level-up your pitch

Let's face it: pitching to investors is scary. Now in 2020, the world situation makes asking for money seem even harder. But as difficult as it might seem, it's not impossible. (well...not that impossible)

Investors are still giving out money...but you need to prove to them that your business is built to survive. In this article, we'll teach you to be fully prepared to pull off your next investor pitch with ease and grace.


Freemium vs. free trial: How to know which one to pick for your SaaS startup

Free trials are nothing new. If we think of free trials like a "free sample", then the concept goes all the way back to the 1300s. It has stood the test of time. And it's effective.

Enter freemium. Freemium is the new kid on the block, but has also proven to be an effective model and strategy in its own right. So which is better: free trial or freemium? In this post, they go head to head and compared in terms of signups, conversion, and self-serve metrics.


Use this startup's playbook for running impactful virtual offsites

Offsites and team retreats often sit at one of two extremes: focused on strategy at the expense of relationships, or filled with forced-bordering-on-cheesy "bonding" activities. The same holds true for virtual offsites — with an extra dose of agony that is 8 hours of Zoom technical issues. So what exactly is the perfect recipe for a virtual retreat?

In this exclusive interview, Sitka CEO Kelsey Mellard and ASU Senior Director of Strategy Mike Wang come together to share the tactics, purpose-driven agenda and behind-the-scenes process that enabled them to pull off a successful virtual offsite.


10 simple tips to do better this quarter — with the leads you already have

Maybe last quarter was rough. Maybe it was fine, but you want to step up your game.

One thing you could do is spend a ton on new leads...but that takes capital. You could also totally change your sales team...but that takes time. Or you could finally launch that critical feature...but that takes resources.

What can you do right now? What can you do with the team you have, and the leads you have, to do even better? This article has 10 fresh ideas on how to drive more sales this upcoming quarter with limited investment.


What B2B companies get wrong about volume discounts

When properly implemented, volume discounts can unleash generous new profits and growth. But this assumes volume discounts are implemented properly — and this rarely happens. Companies in the B2B sector are especially prone to misunderstanding volume discounts.

In this article, HBR explores common pitfalls of volume discounts and what you can do to avoid costly mistakes with your own discounting.


Decision Intelligence Selling: Transform your sales team for the future

Sales is the somewhat dark art of convincing people to buy stuff. A lot of sales people think of sale this way at least, but perhaps this idea is due for an upgrade.

Sales Hacker is introducing a new sales approach: Decision intelligence selling. It's something they've pioneered and developed over the course of several years and in article, you'll learn how it works, why they use it, and how it differs from other sales approaches.