Sales Brief: Deeper sales

Sales Brief: Deeper sales

Starting out as a new sales manager?

In my latest post on the Close blog, I share the fundamental things you gotta get right to set yourself up for long-term success. Not the latest trend you ought to jump on, not the quick hacks to deliver impressive numbers right out of the gate, nor even specific techniques or frameworks. I talk about the deeper stuff — the foundational practices that everyone kinda knows, yet few really master.

Check out my advice for new sales managers!

Go get’em!

24 best email finders from websites & social sites (+how to do it)

Your sales team will only be as good as the leads you provide them. Websites and social networking sites are great resources for finding emails for your lead lists.

In this article, we cover the best methods for finding emails manually from websites domains, plus compare the best email finder tools that can automate the lead generation process for you.

Choose a solution that fits your needs, and start leveraging the email finder tool to save you time and effort generating high-value leads for your sales team.


How to succeed in your new sales manager role

So you’ve just landed a brand new sales manager’s role for a SaaS company — what now? Sales managers hold great responsibility, but there’s no need to feel intimidated.

As the leader of a sales team there are many things you can do to maximize output in a way that will build respect and camaraderie. In this post we highlight some tips that you can use as a sales leader to thrive in your new role.


The secrets to closing a multi-million dollar deal

Looking to close bigger sales? Sometimes when you're striking out over and over again, closing a big deal can be right around the corner. Read the story of how one salesperson won (and almost lost) the biggest deal of his life at ZoomInfo.


SaaS case study: How customer support can assist sales initiatives

If you're a SaaS business owner, you know that the competition is fierce. For your brand to stand out, you have to provide an exceptional experience to your clients. The customer journey from acquisition to retention has to be seamless.

To create an effective and efficient sales funnel, your sales and customer support teams need to be well trained and in sync with each other. This guide explores how you can include the support team in the sales process.


Why are salespeople so afraid of change?

Product-led growth was taking off in B2B SaaS long before COVID-19 rapidly accelerated the transition. The reality is, product-led growth is taking over because it’s how humans want to shop.

As a salesperson, you don't want to be left behind, married to outdated sales practices. How can you adapt your sales style to be in line with this emerging trend? Here's some advice and strategy from a VP in sales.


A checklist to help you grow your sales team

Companies with rising sales, or who see the potential for revenue growth, logically seek to increase the size of their sales force. But doing this isn’t as simple as hiring the right talent.

Companies need a plan for fitting the new sales reps into the existing sales structure. Follow these six steps to do it right.