Sales Brief: Dirty data

Sales Brief: Dirty data

A few days ago, we launched Call Coaching in Close — a simple, yet powerful tool to coach your reps to more revenue.

I've always thought of Close as more of a sales communication tool rather than a database of customers. We pioneered built-in calling and email-syncing in the CRM space. And now we are (as far as I know) the first CRM to release built-in barge, whisper, and listen features. My hope is that this will become widely available for sales teams of all sizes in the coming years.

Learn how Call Coaching helps your team to level up their sales game.

Go get'em!

45 best email finder tools for generating quality leads

Generating high-value leads for your sales pipeline is an integral part of your sales management, conversion, and growth strategy. An email finder tool will help you identify and collect valid email addresses and other contact information, allowing you to generate a list of qualified leads.

In this article, we share the best email finder tools on the market, with a comprehensive breakdown of their features, capabilities, and pricing. If there's an email finder tool out there that's perfect for you, it's on this list!


How to get bookkeeping clients: 10 places your accounting leads are hiding

As an accountant or financial advisor, you are likely very skilled and proficient at a lot of things...except when it comes to marketing your business and selling your accounting services. It doesn't matter how amazing your service is: if you can't market yourself, you'll be missing out on new bookkeeping leads and revenue.

Want to learn how to get new bookkeeping clients? Check out these 10 expert sales tips that'll help you find new accounting leads faster and sell your accounting services more effectively.


Y Combinator top companies — 2021

Y Combinator just released their latest YC Top Companies list, based on valuation as of January 2021.

What's particularly fascinating about this release is that B2B software and services make up nearly 50% of the companies listed. Interested in working with one of these companies? Y Combinator has a handy job button for each entry that'll route you to their careers page.


Why remote work changes the nature of leadership, and the kinds of leaders to recruit in startups

Remote work has radically changed the way teams work, communicate, and collaborate. And it raises an important question worth considering: Should companies recruit managers with different skill sets depending on if the team operates in the office or remotely? Here's what Tomasz Tunguz has to say.


Stop asking permission to interrupt

Is now a good time to talk? Do you have 5 minutes? Did I catch you at a bad time?

These are all horrible variations of a question you should never ask your prospect. But almost all B2B cold callers tend to ask this question and it's just begging the prospect to shut them down immediately.

In this article, you'll learn a more assumptive approach that'll get your foot in the conversational door, while remaining respectful of your prospect's time.


5 ways dirty data hurts your CRM—and revenue

Dirty data is probably plaguing your CRM at this very moment. What's dirty data you ask? It's outdated, inaccurate, or just plain wrong data that exist's in every company's CRM. A CRM is a powerful tool to close deals, but your CRM is only as good as your data.

ZoomInfo shared a helpful infographic that illustrates the causes and consequences of dirty data, plus why it's worthwhile to invest in clean data.