Sales brief: Diverse-city

Sales brief: Diverse-city

Not many teams do live call barging well.

This week, we share how to overcome the stress of barging, plus how to use it to close more deals.Warning: Never barge a call without an introduction.

Go get'em!

Call barging: 7 ways sales teams can use barging to close deals

When done properly, call barging can be used as an effective tool and strategy to close more deals. But as a sales manager, barging in on an in-progress sales call can be a stressful experience. When should you jump in? How will it affect the outcome of the sales call?

In this article we'll teach you the ins and outs of call barging, how to do it correctly, plus 7 prime scenarios to look out for when considering whether to barge a call.


From office to remote: How to transition from in-house to a remote team

With the crazy year that was 2020, you and your sales team were likely forced to move from an office to online basically overnight.

Remote work creates complete autonomy for your sales reps, so it’s crucial to ensure that they bring the same type of energy each and every day that they would in-office. Easier said than done right? Here are three pro tips to help you master the art of leading a remote sales team.


It’s time to crack the B2B sales gender diversity code

Although women make up more than half of the global workforce, they represent fewer than one-third of all B2B sales and one-quarter of all B2B tech sales roles. And while gender diversity in B2B sales is severely lacking, company profits are close to 50% higher when women are well-represented at executive levels.

This article from Forrester features a new study examining some of the systemic biases women in B2B sales face, plus ways to better support female sales professionals and increase female representation in sales.


LinkedIn outreach: Get a response to your cold messages with these 16 proven tips

Did you know that Pew Research found that 25% of adults on the internet used LinkedIn in 2018? If you don’t already use LinkedIn for business outreach, you’re missing out on a large part of the internet population.

Plenty of businesses perform LinkedIn outreach as part of their marketing strategy. But what's the most effective way to tap into LinkedIn for lead generation? Here are 16 hot tips from the sales pros.


The best CRM

What's the best CRM to help propel your business in 2021?

Satchel puts all the top CRMs in a head to head matchup, comparing price, ease of use, onboarding, and more.


6 Phrases to purge from your sales pitch

Words matter. The right words can give you the boost you need to make a winning sales pitch every time. But similarly, some words may break your flow, weaken your pitch, or put your prospects off.

This raises an obvious question: Which words and phrases should you avoid in sales, and which are the secret to closing the deal? Here are 6 phrases to avoid at all costs and some alternatives to add to your sales arsenal.