Sales Brief: The fantastic Q4

Sales Brief: The fantastic Q4

Looking for a good EOY sales-read?

Our friends at Predictable Revenue put together a guide with actionable tips and strategies to start off 2021 STRONG. You’ll find advice on turning more LinkedIn connections into meetings, updating the Hunter-Farmer sales model to the current sales climate, and much more.

Download your free copy here and let me know your favorite takeaway!

Go get’em!

CRM best practices: the best implementation strategy for 2021 and beyond

Sales professionals have a love-hate relationship with CRM software. It's one of the reasons we built Close. We set out to build a CRM reps actually LIKE using. And having a CRM is only part of the equation. How do actually put it to good use? Here are 4 tips to help you get the most out of your CRM.


Still need to hit Q4 sales quota? 6 ways to close deals before it’s too late

The end of 2020 is upon us. You might be sighing with relief or stressed and looking for results (or both). While the end of the year means more distractions, there’s also more opportunity. In this article we share 6 things you can do to push prospects through to the finish line and close the deal!


The Ultimate Sales Guide to Kick-Start 2021

Predictable Revenue recently released a free book that's the culmination of advice from a variety of sales leaders who joined their podcast in 2020. In it you'll invaluable lessons on prospecting, discovery, virtual sales management, product-market fit, and everything in between. Did we mention it's free?


Top 4 factors influencing buyer purchase decisions and how sellers stack up

Ever wish you could get inside your buyers’ heads to find out what they really want? What things most sway their purchase decisions? RAIN Group Center for Sales Research surveyed buyers in a study to discover which factors have the greatest influence on their purchase decisions. Here are the top four factors that influence buyer purchase decisions.


Simple math to set up a sales team

Oftentimes, the biggest hurdle in hiring the first sales rep is not knowing how to incentivize them. How do you structure quotas and compensation? This post provides simple rules that you can use to set up a sales team. Structured properly, the process is surprisingly mathematical.


SaaS sales — Why you shouldn’t compare your product to competitors

What do you do if your early-stage startup is going up against companies that can compete with your offering on every level AND have more experience? Can you still convince a prospect to buy by way of compare and contrast? This article explores why you should avoid the comparison game altogether and instead focus on other areas.