Sales Brief: Feeling feelings

Sales Brief: Feeling feelings

Startups take off because the founders make them take off.

Insightful words from investor Paul Graham. In this week's Sales Brief, we cover a variety of articles focusing on scaling a startup, building and growing your sales team, and remaining sane in the process.

If you read one article this week, I highly recommend this piece written by our founder, Steli Efti, published on Forbes. Steli shares a ton of insight and practical tips on building and scaling a B2B business from the ground up.

Ready for your weekly sales briefing? We've highlighted the best sales articles below. Have a safe and productive week! 🔥

11 sales incentives to motivate your whole team (even if they’re remote!)

Sales incentives have been proven to boost employee engagement: One study by the Incentive Research Foundation found that when an incentive program is built correctly, it can increase performance by up to 44%.

But what if you don't have mountains of extra cash to throw into a program? Not to worry! In this article, we share 11 unique sales incentive ideas to motivate your team. Spoiler alert: one of them is cold hard cash, because...well, money motivates.


Why doing things that don’t scale is A MUST in B2B sales

The most successful companies don't automate and scale every single action from day one. They start by doing things that don’t scale in order to generate momentum.

Before you think about closing your 1,000th customer with automation perfection, you need to think about the first 10. Forget scalability — is it valuable? In this article Steli Efti explains what it takes to build startup momentum in the early stages.


How ZoomInfo built a sales team to target their full spectrum of accounts

Starting a new job at a sales organization can be overwhelming with lots of unknowns. But one thing that can eliminate uncertainty and pave the way for sales success is hard data. Data doesn't lie. Performance metrics are quantifiable and can not only be used to formulate a sound game plan, but also help develop and grow new hires.

ZoomInfo is a prime example of a company utilizing data to build a rockstar team from the ground up. They don't go out and buy talent — they invest heavily in the growth and development of their own people. The result? A high velocity, highly efficient go-to-market formula.


Let's talk sales incentives

Sales incentives. What works? What doesn't? If you have experience or ideas on what makes a good framework for keeping a team motivated, join the conversation with our founder, Steli Efti, on Linkedin.


A founders guide to feeling feelings

Running a business is difficult and comes with a lot of stress. If you're not proactive in managing that stress, it can lead to a LOT of problems — problems that could affect you, your team, or worse, the viability of your business.

In this latest episode of The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten discuss what it means to suppress your emotions, why doing so might not be a good thing, and how to take control of your emotions.


How to build a lean predictable sales engine to go from $0 to $10M in ARR

When startups embark on their journey to attract clients, it’s often a daunting experience where the fine art of balancing resources is at play. Depending on the situation, funds may be tight but progress must still be made.

So how is this even done? Here’s how to set up the most effective account-based sales and marketing approach to scale your business — particularly in the regards to SaaS startups.