Sales brief: the forbidden sales word, cold canvassing, Steli interview, & more!

Sales brief: the forbidden sales word, cold canvassing, Steli interview, & more!

In this week's sales brief, we cover a variety of sales articles from around the web, including an awesome piece by from, revealing some fascinating data sourced from a huge pool of real sales call recordings.

Our sales brief also features two live talks from Duo's VP of Inside Sales and our very own CEO, Steli Efti that you'll definitely want to watch! Ready to dive in? Let's review our top picks for the week.

The secrets to building a world-class, $2.3 billion inside sales team


SaaStr posted a very insightful talk from their annual conference, featuring Jennifer Lawrence, VP of inside sales at Duo Security. She discusses her life story, the secrets to building a world-class inside sales machine, and her experiences leading the sales charge for a global multi-billion dollar company.

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The one word to avoid in your next sales pitch


Gong reveals the one word you absolutely shouldn't use on a sales call...but it's the one word running rampant within sales circles: sorry. This article examines a pool of data collected from literally millions of real sales calls. It's a fascinating exposé.

So when should you say "sorry" (if ever)? Gong's article explains when, why, and how you should apologize. Great read and awesome graphs!

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How to launch a cold canvassing campaign: 5 simple steps


You've heard of cold calling. You've heard of cold emailing. But have you heard of cold canvassing? Cold canvassing gets you off the phone and out in the field to meet clients in person. It's an extremely effective tactic for collecting valuable info about your prospects.

This article dives deep into cold canvassing: the pros and cons, alternatives, and a step-by-step strategy for launching a campaign.

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Startup WTFs: Not dedicating enough time to your most important customers & team members


Episode 471 from the podcast, The Startup Chat. Steli Efti and Hiten Shah discuss an important question: As a founder or leader, are you giving your rockstar talent and top customers enough time and attention? The episode explores how you should evaluate your time, who to give your time to, and when to cut your losses. This is a nice succinct 12 minute episode—perfect for the commute!

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4 tips for creating signature-grabbing proposals


Is there anything worse than having a deal on the table, but an unsigned contract in limbo? Emily Roberts from PandaDoc shares 4 insider tips for creating proposals and contracts with a streamlined signing process. Easy for you, easy for your clients, and easy to get that signature.

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How to create a product your customers NEED (featuring Steli Efti)

Our very own CEO, Steli Efti, sits down for an interview with Eric Siu at SaaStock19. Learn his story: why he started, how he scaled the company, and what founders should know when navigating the startup landscape. If you can't catch the whole thing, definitely watch the portion where they discuss customer development. Great advice for entrepreneurs!

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What is personal selling? (+how to create connections)


In the digital age, we have a wealth of customer data at our fingertips. But do you really know your customers? How do you break through the wall of noise produced by automated outreach? This is a great piece from G2 on how to sell with a personal touch without having to revert back to a rolodex.

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