Sales Brief: founder fears, dream clients, B2B sales tips, and more

Sales Brief: founder fears, dream clients, B2B sales tips, and more

In this week's Sales Brief, we highlight some of the best sales articles from around the web, including some very handy B2B sales techniques from Saleshacker, based on 5 years of interviews and research.

Also featured this week are some fresh email outreach tactics, along with some insider tips on how to make your next sales conference a huge win. If you have a commute coming up, we definitely recommend  Startup Chat's latest podcast episode, where they discuss the challenges and unknowns founders experience when running a startup.

Ready to jump in? Let's check out our top picks for this week.

Delivering B2B SaaS product demos that create sales


Everyone hopes their product demo to be exciting and kickass, but most of the time it comes across as an over-glorified "show and tell". When customers are bored and prospects aren't converting, what can you do? shares some brilliant advice on practical steps you can take to make your next product demo hit the mark.

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How to make your time at a conference worthwhile as a sales rep


You don't want to be the guy who spends way too much money for that sales conference and on the flight back home realize there's nothing to show for it. Making sales conferences worth your time and money requires adequate planning.

If you're prioritizing catching the presentations instead of meeting prospects, you might want to reconsider your approach!

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Encore episode: even seasoned founders feel like first-time founders


If you're a first-time entrepreneur and feel terrified about running a startup, you're not alone. Steli Efti and Hiten Shah talk about their own fears running a startup, and how that feeling never quite goes away. But is that fear necessarily a bad thing?

This Startup Chat episode features some insightful discussion on this topic, directly from two veteran founders.

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7 B2B sales techniques that ACTUALLY work (based on 5 years of research)


B2B sales techniques that ACTUALLY work: Saleshacker put together a list of sales tips based on 5 years of interviews and research. It features advice on targeting, anchors, negotiation, and more. Definitely be sure to pay close attention to their sample questions—there are some fantastic gems for both you and your customers.

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4 powerful sales outreach ideas that will increase your success rates


Email outreach being a crowded space is an understatement. That copy/paste email meant for your prospect is actually headed directly to their trash—along with the hundreds of other emails competing for their attention.

Nowadays you have to get creative, and this article explores some clever ways you can stand out and get that email noticed.

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9 mistakes you enable your dream clients to make


Don't let a weak sales approach and poor decisions ruin that perfect opportunity with your dream prospect. Anthony Iannarino covers 9 common mistakes you'll want to avoid during your next sales encounter. Selling is never easy, but if you want to improve your close rate, be sure you're steering clear of these blunders.

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