Sales Brief: Founder lessons

Sales Brief: Founder lessons

What does cybersecurity, sales rep retention, and sales metrics all have in common? It's what we're covering in our latest Sales Brief!

This week, we round up the latest sales articles from around the web, including some excellent lessons for founders, outdated sales techniques you should ditch, plus an awesome in-depth guide on how to sell cybersecurity.

Are you a Close user? If so, we're excited to announce a new integration called Smart Reporting. It takes reporting to a whole new level and as a customer, you can track up to 20 metrics absolutely free. We'll be covering more about it below, or you can check out all the details here.

With that said, let's get into your weekly brief πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

The ultimate cybersecurity sales guide: 7 methods to sell cybersecurity

As hackers become more adept and cyber attacks become more common for large and small businesses alike, how can you convince prospects to trust your services or product?

Top achieve success in cybersecurity sales, you need to be adequately prepared. This new article goes in-depth in the world of cybersecurity: learn how to build trust with your prospects, 7 proven methods to include in your sales process, the biggest mistakes to avoid, and much more.


What your sales trainer taught you is wrong

A lot of what sales trainers have told you is wrong. "Wrong" might be a tad harsh. Obsolete is probably a more fair assessment. The fundamentals of sales never change, but nuances in the way we practice it are ever evolving.

To be an effective sales person, you have to be proactive in adopting the most up-to-date tools, practices, and methodology. In this new article from Sales Hacker, they explore widely accepted, yet outdated sales practices you should probably abandon in 2020. Are you doing any of these? Don't.


New integration: Level-up reporting for Close data with Smart Reporting

We're excited to announce a new integration created by a long-time Close user, TomΓ‘s Spada. Smart Reporting allows you to visualize your Close data and completely automate in-depth reporting.

Using customizable dashboards, Smart Reporting gives you the ability to track a variety of metrics and see exactly how many leads convert through the different stages in your pipeline. There's a ton of applications using the integration and we think you're gonna love it. Check out this article for all the details.


10 lessons for startup founders to get their first 10 sales

When you're a founder of an early stage startup, you have basically nothing. No MVP, no marketing spend, no brand awareness, no customers...How do you get over the hump and land those crucial first few clients?

Founder of Across shares 10 lessons specifically for startup founders trying to get their first 10 sales. The lessons are based on hundreds of sales conversations and mistakes he's personally made launching brand new products at a brand new company β€” this is a super insightful piece!


The Startup Chat: How to worry in business

Worry is mostly just a useless emotion that'll end up paralyzing your action and problem-solving abilities. In terms of business though, worry can be helpful in that it can reveal issues that need to be addressed and fixed. But what's the healthiest way to deal with worry?

In this new Startup Chat podcast, Steli and Hiten discuss productive vs unproductive worrying, how to resolve problems swiftly, and how experience and confidence can help you navigate stressful situations.


How to retain high-performing B2B salespeople

At any moment, many of your top-performing sales reps could be poached by other companies. Your ability in retaining your top salespeople hugely impacts the success of your sales team.

Retaining them isn't just a matter of throwing a sh*t ton of cash their way. It's not that simple, I'm afraid. It requires a comprehensive plan, and CloserIQ shares 8 effective ways to keep your best sales reps onboard. Spoiler: some of it does involve maybe money does solve everything? You decide.


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