Sales Brief: Game time

Sales Brief: Game time

Managing a sales team is about skills and morale.

That’s why I love sales training games. In the early days of my sales career, I used the “jar full of pennies” trick to keep myself motivated—and even that old-school sales hack helped me succeed. Fortunately, there are many more and better sales training activities and games out there now for you and your team.

Check out these 11 free interactive sales training ideas, and let me know what works for you on LinkedIn!

Go get’em!

Solution selling vs consultative selling in a B2B sales landscape

Developed 40+ years ago, these two sales models are still champions in the B2B sales landscape. When pitting solution selling against consultative selling, you’ll quickly notice something—they’re extremely similar.

But which one is better? Should you use one or the other...or both?


11 free interactive sales training ideas and games for your team

Feel like your sales team is falling into a rut? Sometimes repeating the same routines and sales strategies over and over again can start to feel mundane.

If you’re looking to add a little spice to your team’s workday, this list of sales training activities will sharpen your reps' sales skills and boost the morale of your team.


You don’t need permission

Customer Discovery is about gathering validated evidence, not proselytizing a method. Having real data turns sales conversations from faith-based to evidence-based.


How I built 2,200 profitable connections on LinkedIn

Over the course of 6 months, this entrepreneur quadrupled his LinkedIn profile views, built 2000 connections, and pulled in a host of new clients.

His secret? An engagement process that involved identifying the right people and engineering connections with them while always keeping in mind a crucial point: LinkedIn is a social networking site, first and foremost. Not a self-promotion platform. Not a selling platform.


Four steps to create and scale a coaching culture

The stats really do speak for themselves when it comes to the benefits of coaching your sales teams. According to CSO Insights, a properly implemented coaching culture can lead to a 16.6 percent increase in win rates for forecasted deals.

Implementing and scaling a “coaching first” culture is not designed to be a set-and-forget program. It requires consistent effort and monitoring, but it's absolutely worth it.


How I manage

Teams that work together well tend to win together. As a sales manager, it's your responsibility to create and foster a work culture where reps can learn, grow, and thrive. Unfortunately, most of the books on management teach how to optimize people for output.

Here's how you can manage differently.