Sales Brief: guaranteed sales, freemium vs trial, analytics, and more

Sales Brief: guaranteed sales, freemium vs trial, analytics, and more

New week, new Sales Brief! This week we cover some great reads on the topic of sales data.

Gong published a set of sales tips based on data collected from real sales conversations. Some of the data they present is super surprising. We recently released a piece on sales analytics: what it is, how it works, and why it can give you a massive sales advantage.

Beyond the topic of sales data, our roundup also features an insider's take on freemium vs free trials, a resource on insider sales training, and a think-piece on seller expectations.

Ready to jump in? Let's check out our top picks for this week.

Guaranteed sales and other lies

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Often as sales people, we picture ourselves as champions never faltering: closing every deal, finding the ideal prospects, annihilating the sales quota. Are you holding yourself to impossible standards?

Use this article as a refresher for managing your sales expectations. Remember, sales is a tough game and nothing is guaranteed.


How to turn sales analytics data into actionable insights for your sales team

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The difference between data reporting and data analysis is often misunderstood. Data analysis, when properly utilized, is a super power of sorts—it'll give your sales team a massive advantage in regards to understanding customers, performance tracking, and boosting outreach. Are you using sales analytics to its full potential? If not, this is a must read.


Freemium vs free trial: which is better for SaaS startups?


David Sacks from Yammer (a social network service) shares his thoughts and experiences with the freemium model and how it stacks up against free trial offerings.

With their freemium model, Yammer landed $1 million in sales its first year. Fast track 4 years later...they're at $56 million. That's when Microsoft came knocking. So freemium is obviously superior to free trials, right? Well it's not quite that simple.


Inside sales training: What is it? Why it matters? How to do it right.

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When at the gym, it doesn't matter how much or how often you're lifting—if your technique is wrong, you're going to face massive setbacks. Sales is the same way. And that's why sales training is so important. Not only will it make you and your team better at sales; there's a slew of other benefits as well: strengthened employee retention, improved culture, better organization, and more.

This article is a fantastic guide, covering everything you need to know about inside sales training.


Here are the 7 BEST data-backed sales tips of 2019


Ever tried Googling "sales tips"? 1.37 BILLION results. Oof. Luckily we came across a banger of an article this week. It features some excellent sales tips backed by concrete data collected by

Gong provides revenue intelligence for sales teams, and the data featured in this article is sourced from a massive pool of real sales calls and emails. Some of these tips are pretty surprising and almost counter-intuitive, but the data doesn't lie.


Seasonality in B2B Sales and ways to use it

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Are B2B and B2C completely separate animals or more similar than we think? Seasonality is something we typically associate with B2C, but it shouldn't be excluded from B2B. After all, at the end of the day the companies you're selling to are made up of humans—and they are your customers.

This article presents the case for seasonality and the benefits of incorporating it into your B2B sales strategy.


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