Sales Brief: Slaying the feature creep monster

Sales Brief: Slaying the feature creep monster

In this edition of Sales Brief, we cover a range of sales and business topics including cold emailing, product launch marketing, feature creep, and more.

Feature creep is especially important to think about, in light of this year's events. And the idea behind it isn't exclusively relevant to founders and new product launches — the concept can be applied to the way we run sales teams, deliver sales pitches, and execute our own daily tasks. Steli wrote a banger of an article on this topic, featured below.

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Alright, ready for your weekly Sales Brief? Let's jump into it.

How to kill the feature creep monster: Launch and sell early!

Many founders developing a new product get overpowered by the "feature creep" — AKA, they stifle the progress of their startup because they get too hung up on a perfect solution rather than a working solution.

How should you remedy this hiccup? Launch and start selling! It's going to be super uncomfortable, but the alternative could be devastating for your business. In this article, we cover the benefits of launching your product ASAP, plus a cautionary look at the real dangers of feature creep.


5 ways technology changed the B2B selling process

With data, software, and automation, technology has transformed the way we do B2B sales. Keeping up with the ever-evolving technological landscape can sometimes feel like a full time job. But it's something that can't be ignored: if you fall behind on the latest and greatest in tech, you fall behind your competitors.

In this article, Zoominfo dives into five of the biggest technological drivers in B2B. Are you up to date on the current landscape? If not, definitely read this article.


How I consistently get over 75% cold email open rates

Do cold emails work? Yes, they do.'s not always that simple. To get real results from cold emailing, you have to take a very specific approach. Nobody likes to receive generic, templated cold emails, and if you're spamming the sh!t out of potential leads, you're gonna end up just pissing people off.

In this article, Victor Eduoh outlines a solid 5-step cold email approach he uses, that's yields a surprising 75% open rate. Yup, 75%! You'll find a variety of real world examples and tons of solid advice here, so if you're looking to adopt a cold email strategy that works, look no further.


Improving your effectiveness in the sales conversation

We sometimes forget that selling is a series of conversations. It’s never the product that makes the sale, but rather the conversation around the product.

When language and conversations are all you have, spending more time improving your ability to effectively lead conversations (conversations that serve and create value for your clients) is what will land you sales in the end. Anthony Iannarino shares advice on how to effectively navigate early, middle, and late stage sales conversations.


The HEY launch: Pick a fight to get attention

Basecamp recently launched a new email app called HEY, and it's resulted in a ton of buzz and a huge waiting list. That's not something to overlook with how mature and established the email client space is right now.

In this latest episode of Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about how HEY was marketed before it launched, the genius behind the campaign, and the unique position of Basecamp as a company.


How to be thoughtful when selling in the new normal

The global events in the past months drove drastic changes in the selling industry. Aside from adapting to a remote selling environment, salespeople also had to adjust to the sweeping change in buyer behavior.

While it’s a challenge for sales teams to reach their quotas, it's extremely important to acknowledge that customers are affected by all these changes as well. Here are ways you can tailor your sales approach and be more thoughtful when selling in this new normal.