Sales Brief: Mom emails?

Sales Brief: Mom emails?

Selling to enterprise companies can be immensely profitable—or a total disaster.

Back in 2007, my “startup” (basically me and one engineer) closed a deal with Google. And then Oracle...and then Intuit. Selling to these large companies was so easy. But then...every deal fell apart in its own way, and my startup collapsed. If you want the full story, I wrote about it here.

We’ve just published a guide that gives you a simple blueprint for selling consulting services to enterprises, and it’s definitely the one thing you should read today. As always, we've curated some other fresh sales articles for you this week. Check them out down below.

Go get’em!

Selling consulting services to enterprise companies: 8 methods to break into enterprise sales

Looking to break into the world of enterprise consulting? Whether you’re a firm with various consultants or you’re a solo consultant offering services to companies, it can be daunting to reach out to large companies.

So, how can you get started? How can you convince an enterprise business that they need your consulting services? In this article, we discuss 8 methods you can use to sell services to enterprise companies with confidence and effectiveness.


Customer intimacy: How an ICP unlocks insights that drive revenue

Do you know your customers? Like...really know them? Many businesses put way too much faith in their product and leave customer intimacy at the waist-side. In this post, you'll learn what customer intimacy actually is, what an ideal customer profile can do for your business, and 7 innovative ways to use an ICP to drive revenue.

Ready to get started creating your own ideal customer profiles? It’s time to get up close and personal with your customers (while maintaining a safe social distance, of course).


Customer cohort analysis vs user cohort analysis: What’s the difference?

Your product has many users. That's both good news and bad news for you. Users come in all shapes and sizes and to have any real understanding on which direction to take your company, you need to fully understand your user base.

When you analyze them by cohorts, you should focus on a specific group, like revenue-driving customers, to better understand your users and create more value for them. This article dives into explaining customer cohort analysis in detail, and how it can help you avoid costly and time-consuming enhancements that don’t increase your users’ LTV or create more revenue-driving customers.


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Own Your Growth virtual summit

We'd like to personally invite you to Predictable Revenue's Own Your Growth Virtual Summit! This one-day event will feature founders and top sales leaders from a variety of companies including Slack, PandaDoc, and Sales Hacker. The agenda's action packed! Learn the ins and outs of product strategy, outbound prospecting, sales cycles, follow-up, and so much more.

Registration is free and the event is taking place September 17th. Hope to see you there!


Your mom’s email gets a 100% open rate

With email we can have personal, meaningful conversations with many people at once…but we’ve got to do email right. Let's face it: cold, stanky emails that sound like a used-car salesperson wrote them are going to remain unopened or tossed in the bin.

The problem is, those aren't Mom's emails. What does that mean exactly? Emails from Mom are personable; they're conversational; they're authentic. And they get a 100% open rate. Want to write better sales emails? Start writing more like Mom!