Sales Brief: Omnipresent

Sales Brief: Omnipresent

Sales used to be a lot simpler.

If you had a pen, rolodex, and phone, you were ready for action. But today, sales rely on a variety of communication channels, and remote work has complicated it even further.

Many teams are now turning to an omnichannel CRM to simplify their sales efforts. What's an omnichannel CRM? Check out our latest article explaining what it is and how it can streamline your sales process: Why your sales team needs an omnichannel CRM + 6 key features

Go get'em!

Why your sales team needs an omnichannel CRM + 6 key features

Today, we live in a world of diverse communication methods, and a “rule of thirds” has emerged where traditional, remote, and self-service purchases are all part of the B2B buyer journey.

An omnichannel CRM is your one-stop shop for communication with customers. Learn how you can maximize time spent in your sales process and delight your customers.


New in Close: Send & receive MMS

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So, there are plenty of times when you need to send more than words to your prospects and customers.

Now you have a new way to send media with Close: via MMS sending and receiving. Curious how text messages with media work in Close? Let's find out.


Keys to strong sales productivity in a hybrid world, according to experts

Sales has never really been a "butts in seats" type of profession. Reps are often on the move, traveling and meeting with clients. Their performance holds them accountable more so than superficial indicators like time spent in an office chair.

The normalization of hybrid work is uprooting some of our previous norms. Here’s where sales leaders are focusing when it comes to sales productivity.


How to sell without selling out

Unpersonalized pitches, robotic messages, and spammy LinkedIn requests can be a quick and dirty way to garner prospect attention, but ultimately, no one enjoys being sold to this way.

The opposite of selling out can be described as "selling in": a buyer-centric approach that starts by understanding your ideal customer on a deeper level.


Different exactly like everyone else

To create a preference to buy what you sell, you must create some kind of meaningful differentiation. The problem is most salespeople differentiate in the exact same way as their competitors. Here's the best way to actually stand out from the crowd.


Close + Actiondesk = Even more powerful sales reports

Want even more powerful, customizable sales reports and spreadsheets to optimize your sales process? Actiondesk can automatically pull and update your Close CRM data into your spreadsheet of choice.