Sales Brief: Pilot error

Sales Brief: Pilot error

Here's one thing that drives many reps crazy: Too much sales documentation that changes too often. Every top-performer knows how important it is to constantly level-up your sales game.

But very few enjoy ceaselessly studying up on a new script, memorizing a new workflow, or reading up on another sales methodology when the old one is working just fine.

That's why the best sales leaders minimize friction in the change process. The easier you make it for your reps to change, the more likely they are to come along. Don't bury your reps in documentation. Instead, give them a tool that facilitates new and better ways of selling.

Go get'em!

High Velocity Sales: What it is, why it matters & how to do it right

Big technology companies are starting to talk more and more about High Velocity Sales. Never heard of “High Velocity Sales”? You've come to the right spot.

In this article, we explain how High Velocity Sales can unlock insights for better prospecting, provide better automation capabilities for more substantial results, and accelerate your sales process to ultimately bring in more revenue.


The beginner’s guide to lead scoring

Most marketers operate under one primary goal: generate leads. But if you work in marketing, you know not all leads convert into paying customers (if only!). So it begs the question: How do you determine which leads are most likely to become buyers?

That's where lead scoring comes in. In this new article from zoominfo, they lay out everything you need to know about lead scoring: what it is, why it's important, and how you can implement an effective lead scoring strategy.


How to write an outreach email that someone will actually read

If search engine optimization is part of your startup’s marketing strategy, building backlinks to your website is the backbone. And one of the tried-and-true methods of getting those backlinks is via cold email outreach.

But with the average person receiving over 90 business emails every day, it’s no surprise that the majority of cold emails get ignored. Plus, most of them are poorly written, confusing, irritating and just plain bad. So what's the secret to getting your email noticed? Learn these three actionable tips.


9 Ways to optimize eCommerce conversion rate by traffic source

For e-commerce, it’s risky to rely on one traffic source. Sure, your organic traffic could be stellar today, but it could fizzle out tomorrow. You need to rely and optimize for a variety of traffic sources in order to maximize conversion and make every click and visit count.

Here are 9 proven ways to optimize your eCommerce store’s conversion rate by traffic source.


The 7 pilots that will crash your startup

If you’re running a B2B startup with a high priced product, pilots or "proof of concepts" are an essential stage in your sales pipeline. It can be tempting to do anything and everything possible to land those big deals and earn client trust.

But sometimes it pays to say "no". If you aren't careful, pilots can waste a massive amount of money, decimate your team's bandwidth, and tank your business. Here are 7 pilots that have the potential to crash your startup, plus warning signs to look out for.


Online performance review: How to evaluate remote employees

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, workplace dynamics have shifted drastically over the last few months. From minimal personal interaction to increased reliance on collaboration tools, the word “office” has taken on a whole new meaning.

This has left many managers scratching their heads on how to properly evaluate employee performance in this new radical landscape we find ourselves in. What is the best way to evaluate remote employees? Is an online performance review the answer?

In this article, you'll learn remote-friendly ways to create a constructive review process that builds trust and promotes open communication.