Sales Brief: How to plan in 2020

Sales Brief: How to plan in 2020

2020 has thrown us a curve ball. Instead of the hoverboards and flying cars, we got a pandemic. Instead of telekinesis, we got social distancing.

While the year has already had its fair share of surprises, it ain't over yet. And while most of us are still working vigorously to adapt the way we sell, we also have to plan for the rest of the year, the future, and whatever else might come our way.

If you're struggling to come up with a strategy for the rest of your year, we encourage you to listen to the latest episode on The Startup Chat. Steli and Hiten discuss how to approach "planning" in 2020, and it's quite insightful (featured below).

Also featured are articles including excellent tips on sales management, a handful of real-world customer success strategies, and a collection of 2020 sales memes for good measure.

Ready for your brief? Let's jump in.

How to be a good sales manager in a crisis: 12 ways you can improve

Being a good sales manager involves developing a very specific set of skills. It’s more than just organizing a team and analyzing data — you need to know how to motivate, empower, train, and communicate with your team.

What can a good sales manager do to lead their team successfully into this new normal? How do you motivate, train, and communicate with reps when everyone is remote? In this article, you'll learn 12 expert methods that sales managers are using right now to lead and inspire their teams.


9 Customer success strategies that actually scale (plus 4 metrics we track)

Groove is B2B SaaS business that specializes in customer support software. Their customer success strategies are low touch, high impact, and easy to scale for growing businesses.

In this article, Groove explains 9 real customer success campaigns they use and how they measured their success. Pick your favorite one and start building your own portfolio of customer success strategies today!


21 sales memes everyone doing B2B sales in 2020 will get

Understatement of the century: 2020 isn’t going as planned. Goals you set for 2020, like crushing your quotas every month or quarter, have most likely been thrown out the window.

If you’re looking for some comic relief to the misery that is selling in 2020, this article may lift your spirits. It features 21 sales memes (that probably only salespeople in 2020 will understand), along with some ideas on how to break the cycle of bad months and start selling again.


How to adapt & succeed when pivoting to an inside sales strategy

Sellers who typically meet with clients and customers face-to-face have been forced to sell remotely, and that can be a difficult adjustment to make.

In this article, Sales Hacker walks through five of the most important inside sales practices required to succeed in today’s remote selling environment. By developing a multi-channel communication strategy, automating follow-ups, investing in video conferencing tools, and the like, you’ll increase your reach and efficiency dramatically.


How to plan in 2020?

With everything that has happened in 2020, I think it's fair to describe this year as "the year of crisis". With this crisis comes uncertainity and instability, and it can be quite challenging to make long-term plans during times like these.

In this latest Startup Chat episode, Steli and Hiten discuss if you should make plans in 2020, what your planning cycles should look like, and how you should plan in this year.


My proprietary strategy for gaining a meeting

There aren’t too many things more important in sales than gaining that first meeting with your dream client. Nothing happens until you can meet and explore the change you believe will benefit your prospective client’s results.

Anthony Iannarino shares a series of tactics, strategies, and actions you can use to secure that initial meeting. Learn the proper way to ask for the meeting, how to compel them to say "yes", and how to position yourself as someone worthy of your dream client's time.


Looking for guidance on how to sell remotely using video calling? We created a resource where you'll learn how to prep, schedule, and navigate video sales calls like a pro. Get a copy of The Expert Guide to Remote Video Sales Calls free!