Sales Brief: The power of video

Sales Brief: The power of video

Personalized videos in your sales process - yay or nay?

I recently did a quick LinkedIn poll, and so far out of 187 participants, 57% responded they are NOT using video to engage sales prospects. Which quite frankly makes me wonder...WHY?

Check out my tips on creating video messages that help you close more deals!

Go get’em,

6 ways to get promoted quickly as a first-time sales rep

Are you a first-time sales rep looking to work your way up the ladder sooner than later? Unfortunately, a promotion isn’t going to just magically show up at your doorstep. A promotion is like anything else in the world—just wanting it isn’t enough to make it happen. You have to go get it.

Here are six things you can do right now to increase your odds of securing that promotion.


How to make a sales pitch video that converts in 8 simple steps

There’s just something about video that captures people’s attention. But more than that: video has been proven to motivate people’s decisions. It's a great way to engage a prospect that's not yet ready to get on a call.

But how exactly do you harness the power of video for your sales pitch? In this article we'll teach you how to create the ultimate sales pitch video in 8 easy steps.


Why SaaS companies are giving away their products–and why that’s here to stay

The pandemic in 2020 led to an interesting trend in SaaS: tons of free shit. Free tools. Free plans. Free everything. But this wasn’t just altruism from tech companies with massive balance sheets. SaaS companies are quickly realizing that a free offering is the perfect hook for luring a huge wave of new customers.

And the trend is only beginning. 2020 was the year of free. 2021 is the year of reaping the rewards. This article explores what happened when SaaS companies started to give away their products.


4 key components to a winning handoff process for SaaS companies

Salespeople create relationships, but it's up to the customer success to nurture them. Both teams must be aligned every step of the way with one common goal in sight: delivering the best possible customer experience.

This is where the handoff process comes in, which is basically the period where a customer is handed over from sales to customer success. Achieving the perfect handoff isn’t easy, but if you adopt a number of habits that keep the customer’s experience as the focus, it can be seamless and natural. In this article, you'll learn the key components that make for a perfect handoff.


How to write a follow-up email if you haven’t heard back – tips & real-life examples

So you sent off a cold email but didn't get a response. Maybe they're just uninterested? Not necessarily.  People are busy living their lives on the other side of your outreach funnel. This is why follow up emails are crucial.

But writing a good follow-up email is harder than it seems. And if you've sent two or three follow-ups with no response, you might be second guessing your approach. Need help? This article features a collection of practical tips and real-life examples for how to write a follow-up if you haven’t heard back.


5 interesting learnings from Zoom at $4B in ARR

It wasn’t that long ago that people thought Zoom might IPO at a $4 Billion valuation. Now, just a few years later, they're doing that much in ARR. Woah. Double woah. Needless to say, Zoom has experienced growth never before seen in SaaS.

Most of us are not like Zoom and never will be. But there’s still a lot we can learn from their claim to fame. In this article, SaaStr examines five takeaways from the 2020 Zoom phenomenon.