Sales Brief: So many questions

Sales Brief: So many questions

Whether you’re training new reps or you’re a rep wanting to brush up your own sales skills, a sales quiz can be a fun and quick way to identify opportunities for improvement.

Take our Selling 101 quiz and check your own score. It’s a quick 20-question quiz you can complete during a quick coffee break. And if there’s a topic you want to dive into deeper, we've got you covered with in-depth guides and training videos.

Go get’em!

8 sales training quizzes to assess your team’s strengths and boost skills

How well do you understand the skills and strengths of your sales reps? Sales training quizzes are a simple and fun way to test your reps’ knowledge and train them accordingly.

We've created a comprehensive quiz covering the full sales process. Want to know where you and your sales team stack up? Take the quiz and find out!


How to build a CRM in Excel

So your business is starting to outgrow its current organizational system. It can happen in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, you have more leads coming in than your sticky-note system can handle. Sound familiar? Then you’re ready for an upgrade.

Using an Excel-based CRM can be an easy solution to a growing problem in your business. Learn how to use Excel as a CRM in 4 easy steps with our free downloadable template.


Why salespeople can’t be good if they don’t use the CRM

A lot of senior salespeople tend to hold on to outmoded approaches, ideas, tropes, and concepts. Needless to say, these same salespeople are notorious for hating the CRM.

But can a salesperson be good at sales and not use a CRM? Here's why a CRM is instrumental to leveraging powerful information during the discovery process.


5 ways to make your prospecting emails less impersonal

When it comes to prospecting emails, that first initial outreach is everything. You need to stick out from the crowd enough to avoid immediate deletion, score an open, and evoke a meaningful response. It's a tall order.

While it’s true that not every cold prospecting email can be personalized to the nth degree, they can at least be made less impersonal by following a few simple guidelines.


Breaking the argument against the cold call by examining other mediums

Those who would have you eliminate the cold call would recommend you replace it with email and LinkedIn. But can these mediums really take the place of cold calling?

In this article, Anthony Iannarino puts calling, emailing, and LinkedIn head to head. You may be surprised to learn that they aren't so different from one another.


How to use storytelling in business to build captivated audiences

Storytelling is a powerful tool and art form. Applying it in the right place, at the right time, in the right way makes all the difference. A good story can influence consumer motivation and behavior. And when done right, it engages, builds connection, and generates social proof—helping you grow your audience and sales.