Sales Brief: 2020 Rearview

Sales Brief: 2020 Rearview

2020 has been a wild ride.

The plans I set personally at end of last year, and the ones we set as a company, well, let's just say most of that got thrown out the window around March. It's pretty safe to say things didn't go as planned for any of us. Some were able to adapt and flourish but we've all had to make hard choices.

For Close, it turned out to be a surprisingly good year, and I'm deeply grateful to be working with a team of so talented, smart, caring and driven people. Below, I've hand picked our best evergreen advice on sales we published in 2020.

Go get'em!

Ouch! Our 2020 year in review

To kick off 2021, here's some of our best advice on sales we published last year. A large part of 2020 was spent fighting against a pandemic and transitioning to remote work — so some of the content highlighted in this article does indeed cover these challenges.

However, you'll find a ton of great evergreen advice too! We cover topics like sales enablement, sales analysis, how to write sales text messages, churn prevention, and so much more (even sales memes!).


Pitch: High Performance Sales Deck Templates

Sales decks are notoriously bad. They’re ugly, uninteresting, and often used as a crutch (resulting in unengaged conversation). That's why we created Pitch.

Pitch features six sales decks that are well designed, easy to customize, and perfect as a guide for successful selling. Whatever the sales circumstance, you've got a deck to tackle it head-on. Did we mention they're free to download?


The Remote Sales Team Playbook

Remote sales is changing the world of selling for the better, but it comes with its own unique set of challenges.

From the experts in remote selling, comes an action-oriented guide with everything you need to crush your sales goals—remotely. This resource features a full 100+ page ebook PLUS a condensed quick tips version. We definitely recommend grabbing a free copy to help kickstart 2021.


Profiler: Ideal Customer Profile Kit

Defining your ideal customer is critical to selling successfully. Creating an ICP helps your sales, marketing, and product team to work together effectively and stay focused on common objectives.

To help you ace your ICP, we launched a free resource called Profiler. It features a checklist for prepping your research, sample customer survey questions based on your industry and sales approach, downloadable ideal customer profile templates — basically everything you need to get started on identifying your ideal customer.


The Sales Enablement Toolkit

Sales enablement is all the buzz right now, but executing an effective sales enablement strategy isn’t a walk in the park.

That’s why we took the best enablement tactics from today's best sales teams and baked them into a collection of templated assets. Featuring 8 assets for easy customization, this toolkit includes cold email templates, a case study, sales script, battle card, and so much more.


The Expert Guide to Remote Video Sales Calls

Using videos in your sales helps to start discussions, increase your response rates, and build trust faster. Video allows the salesperson to convey information quickly, that would have taken an email of wording to explain.

Harness a vetted, end-to-end approach to crush your sales video calls. This guide provides actionable tips and a detailed checklist that'll get you closing more deals, remotely.