Sales Brief: Ruined reputation, sales empathy, industry shift, & more

Sales Brief: Ruined reputation, sales empathy, industry shift, & more

In this latest Sales Brief, we share this week's best sales-related articles from around the web.

Asana shares five awesome remote work strategies, Steli shares advice on selling and communicating with prospects in crisis, and a remote employee shares his personal journey from office commute to WFH.

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Steli remote work tip #4

Got prospects in your pipeline that are in a really, really bad place right now? Let's face it, companies in every industry have seen disruption since COVID-19 took hold. Workforces have been laid off. Contracts have been cancelled. How do you handle this as a salesperson? How do you communicate with prospects in this climate? In this post, Steli Efti shares advice on how to approach it.


My first 4 months at Close: Learning to work remotely

You can find a wealth of remote work tips online, but what's it like to really work remotely? At Close, we've been operating as a fully remote team for over five years. In this post, you'll get an inside look at WFH life, from the perspective a Close team member: mistakes that were made, the challenges faced, and some of the unexpected benefits of working from home.

If you're planning on transitioning to remote work or struggling with a WFH setup, this is a great read — rich with insight, tips, and advice.


Empathy: The most underrated sales skill & how to build it fast

Empathy — that underrated ability to understand the feelings and experiences of others — is finally getting the attention it deserves from sales leaders. And right now, it’s more important than ever.

For sales professionals, empathy is essential for building authentic relationships with customers. And without a relationship, there is no trust. In this article, Sales Hacker explores how you can use empathy in sales, with several practical ideas and tips.


How Cloosiv’s scrappy team of 5 acted fast to move hundreds of local cafes online

Close sat down with the CEO of Cloosiv to talk about the rapid shift in their industry and what it’s meant for their business. Cloosiv is a platform that facilities online orders for local businesses like coffee shops and cafes.

At the peak of the crisis, as shops closed down, Cloosiv was able to swiftly change the way they operated, in order to best serve and support their customers. What followed was customer growth like they'd never seen before...


5 remote work tips from remote-first companies

Ready to work from home like the pros? While working remotely isn't a new concept, lots of companies are still struggling to figure out how to make it work. But some companies have been fully remote for years, and are seeing incredible success. So why reinvent the wheel?

In this article, Asana shares five effective strategies for working remote, championed by five different remote companies, that'll empower your workers for success.


How to ruin your reputation during a crisis

In this new episode of The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about how to ruin your reputation during a crisis. Scratch that — it's more of a cautionary discussion on how NOT to ruin your reputation.

The inspiration for this episode came from a bad encounter Steli had with a desperate salesman. Case in point: if you're sleazy and tone-deaf in your sales approach during a time like this, you're going to ruin your reputation.