Sales Brief: Too much SaaS?

Sales Brief: Too much SaaS?

It's easier than ever to start a SaaS company.

Because of this, customers have found themselves absolutely overwhelmed with a sea of software choices for all sorts of industries and niches. Hell, I'm overwhelmed too. This led to an interesting discussion I had with Hiten on our podcast: Is there too much SaaS?

How can founders build a successful SaaS product when the competition is so fierce? How can they sell a solution when customers are wanting LESS apps, not more? It's an interesting topic and I think you'll enjoy our discussion. You can find the podcast linked below, along with some other interesting content I picked up this week.


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Is there too much SAAS?

In the startup world, there are a ton of SaaS solutions for a variety of industries and niches. It’s become so easy to build a SaaS product and founders are doing just that. Unfortunately, this leads to over-saturation. And standing out is a challenge.

In this new Startup Chat episode, Steli and Hiten discuss the bottlenecks that affect selling a SaaS product today and advice for founders looking to start a SaaS company.


Six lessons from six months at Shopify

It's the first month of your new job at that big company, and you have zero idea what’s going on. Around month three you come up for air and think, "ok, I got this". Then you’ll try to start doing stuff. Then you’ll really struggle. Then by month six you'll actually get the swing of things...and that's where the fun starts. Boy, this sounds familiar.

But what is it actually like working for a big company? Get an insider look as Alex Danco reflects on his first six months working at Shopify, featuring six key lessons he learned through trial and error.


How to Talk to Customers: 10 Tips for Startup Founders

Whether you’re the loudest one in the room or a techie who somehow got thrown into the spotlight, talking to customers requires more than just answering emails. But honestly, who has the time?

If you're a startup founder (or hell, even an SDR) trying to connect with customers while juggling a million other responsibilities, this article is for you. These top 10 tips will help you save time where you need it most, while maximizing your insights and results.


9 ways to make your hiring process more candidate-friendly

Hiring managers know that a candidate friendly hiring process is essential for recruiting (and retaining) top talent. Yet, in a world where the entire recruitment process is virtual, recruiters must use different tactics to provide candidates with a great experience.


State of Deals 2020: Summer Edition

Remote selling has once again pivoted the ever-changing dynamic relationship between buyers and sellers. And with every curve ball 2020 has thrown us, there is sure to be another change bound to come. How can we prepare?

PandaDoc recently released a report analyzing data from 20k+ customers to better understand the selling trends of 2020.  It gives a comprehensive look into the obstacles sales teams now face and how to evolve your sales strategy to conquer those irksome quotas and run your business more effectively in the new normal. It's free to download and I highly recommended it!


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