Sales Brief: Sales Armageddon

Sales Brief: Sales Armageddon

Is this year the Armageddon for business and sales?

It's a question raised this week by Hiten Shah. While a lot of focus has been placed on everything that's gone wrong in 2020, there seems to be a silver lining often overlooked: Companies are adapting. Processes are evolving. Businesses are succeeding, despite the overwhelming challenges.

If you're looking for some inspiring business talk, we've highlighted a new podcast episode by Steli and Hiten, where they discuss some awesome business triumphs they've noticed in the past few months. Also included in this week's brief are a few practical sales guides definitely worth a read — Sales Hacker's hyper-personalization guide is particularly interesting.

With all that said, we hope you have a refreshing weekend and productive work week! Let's get into this week's top sales articles. 🔥🔥

How to sell consulting services: 11 methods you can start using today

Selling consultant services can be a ridiculously lucrative business, but it's also ridiculously competitive. How exactly do you sell yourself as a consultant? How do you stand out when there's so much competition?

Within this comprehensive guide, you'll learn 11 key methods for boosting your consulting sales, featuring tips on building relationships, maximizing efficiency with tech, and building an effective sales process. Ready to sell yourself?


The complete guide to quantum leaping personalization at scale

There is an existential crisis with personalization today. If you do it wrong, you alienate your customers. And even if you do a good job, you’re often ignored and risk being seen as an irritation.

You only have one shot of standing out, and that’s by doing a GREAT job by means of hyper-personalizing. This doesn't just mean dynamically inputting a prospect's name and company in your bulk email blast — it goes well beyond that. It's about crafting a unique message for each prospect.

So how do you go about doing this? In this post by Sales Hacker, you'll learn how to build a scalable hyper-personalized outreach system, in a practical way.


Creating opportunities in a time of crisis

During these difficult times, a lot of business are going to struggle to stay alive, and even more are going to fail. It’s tempting for founders to give in or give up. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to go that way. With a little creativity and some innovation, founders can adapt, survive, and even thrive during this season.

In this latest Startup Chat episode, Steli and Hiten talk about reinvention versus destruction, the impact the pandemic has had on business, examples of businesses that are innovating in this crisis, and much more.


How to measure the success of lead generation

Without lead scoring, you’re walking into the woods with no compass and no sense of direction. Lead scoring basically takes the guesswork out of refined lead generation. But lead scoring can seem ambiguous at first. Who gets to decide what attribute should get the most points? And who decides how many points make someone a good lead?

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as it might seem. In this post, Zoominfo outlines how to calculate a lead score by building buyer personas, identifying data points, and assigning point values.


Why great content is a must for SaaS sales teams

Content is not just some fluffy marketing tactic for chasing page views and Facebook likes. Nowadays, content has become an invaluable tool in the toolkit of successful sales professionals. Here at Close, we're huge proponents of building relevant and useful content. So what can content do for you?

In this post, we break down three specific roles content can play in the world of SaaS sales so you can talk to prospects who already know and like you, keep your pipeline full, and skip the repetitive Q&A on your sales calls.


How to get your company to really care about your customers

Day-to-day business operations extend far beyond the customer. Never-ending to-do lists, department priorities, and bosses who require you to switch focus to action on their “big new idea” at the drop of a hat... How do you convince people with little motivation—throughout the entire business—to focus more on your customers?

Here are CXL's top recommendations for motivating your team to prioritize what will actually benefit and make a difference for your customers.