Sales Brief: Sales feast

Sales Brief: Sales feast

Many sales teams get to the point where they’re crushing it with 3-5 reps.

But many hit a wall as they try to scale.Oftentimes they fail to scale because they miss the “structure sweet spot”. There’s either too much and too rigid structure, or not enough. Either can be equally disastrous. Optimize your sales process for speed and simplicity—I’ve shared some thoughts on the subject in a recent article on LinkedIn.

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Should you outsource cold calling?

Tons of businesses are still using cold calls to drive revenue. But should you keep it in house or outsource?

Deciding whether to outsource cold calling shouldn't be a snap decision. You want to weigh the facts and figures carefully with the drawbacks of losing the in-house capacity. In this article, learn the pros and cons of outsourcing, along with key factors that can help determine if your company is a good candidate.


11 tips to give an effective sales presentation that closes deals

Here's a sad truth: When it comes to sales presentations, most sales reps are simply ill-prepared. They're unversed in the prospect's situation, they don't fully understand the prospect's business or industry, and they're not prepped to answer the tough questions.

What makes a truly effective sales presentation? In this article, we'll teach you 11 best practices that'll help you achieve better results with your presentations.


Managing remote teams: How the world’s top startups keep remote teams connected and creative

Managing remote teams can feel a lot like playing chess...with a blindfold on. With less face-to-face time, more issues seem to creep up. Comments and feedback get misconstrued. Expectations aren’t properly communicated.

The good news is that remote work isn't that new. Plenty of teams have had years and years to fail, grow, and perfect the art of remote operation. In this in-depth article, outlines the strategies top startups are using right now to make remote work super productive and insanely profitable.


How to escape the sales “feast or famine” trap

We've all been in this situation as a salesperson: Orders are flying in. You're on top of the world. Commissions are through the roof. Then two months later...crickets. No one's buying. You think, "Am I just terrible salesperson?"

While it might be tempting to blame yourself, even great salespeople lose deals due to factors outside of their control. You could in fact be falling victim to what's known as the Feast or Famine trap. In the article, Sales Hacker lays out the symptoms, causes, and remedies.


Retention rate: Meaning, use cases, and more

Retention rate is one of the most important barometers of your company’s success. A high retention rate means your customers are happy, they value your product, and are providing you a sustainable source of revenue.

Want to dive into the nitty gritty of retention rates? Amplitude explains the various formulas you can use to calculate it, how you can use results to better understand customer behavior, and why retention is so important for a company's overall growth and success.


Should founders be doing sales? Will prospects take their startups serious?

Sales can be tricky for new founders. New founders are typically worried about doing sales themselves, as it might give customers the impression their company is small potatoes. On the other hand, customers LOVE talking to founders. So what's the solution?

In this new Startup Chat episode, Steli and Hiten discuss why it’s better for founders to do sales themselves, how to overcome the insecurities that come with selling, and much more.