Sales Brief: Sales forecasting

Sales Brief: Sales forecasting

Ever wanted to peek inside the sales process of a fast-growing startup?

See the actual inner workings of a multi-million dollar sales machine? Where do they source their leads? How do they capture, score, and qualify them? What tools do they use? What’s their workflow in Close? shared all this, and much more, in the first edition of our Sales Process Showcase with us. Check it out!

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How uses automated handoffs to enable smarter sales

What do you do with new leads coming into your CRM? Are you taking full advantage of automations?

As a company that thrives on custom workflows and automations, it’s no surprise that is playing at the boss level of sales automation (and crushing it).

We spoke with Alex Patton, Director of Marketing & Marketing Operations at, to learn more about the processes and tech that help keep marketing and sales aligned to close more deals.


Sales forecasting: Definition and methodologies

Sales forecasting is one of the most important things that can impact the trajectory of your business. Whether you run a small business, a startup, or a global corporation, having accurate sales forecasts gives you the ability to make smarter, better-informed decisions in areas like goal setting, budgeting, and hiring.

In this article, we'll teach you everything you need to know about sales forecasting, plus explore five different sales forecasting methodologies you can choose from.


How to nail the short 15-30 second sales pitch

The elusive short sales pitch. When the clock is ticking, do you know how to captivate someone's attention in a snap and make them want to hear more? Sometimes 15 seconds of undivided attention is all you get, and you gotta make it count.

Creating and delivering an effective short sales pitch isn’t easy, but if you understand your audience, it's not rocket science either. In this post, we share some practical advice on how to nail the short sales pitch.


How to reinvigorate and break the SaaS growth ceiling

Too many people seem to think that SaaS is a safe bet and once you've entered the market, the good times will never end. But as the pandemic has proven, nothing is guaranteed, regardless of what industry you're in, and you never know what might be around the corner.

It pays to be extra prepared for slowdowns that might affect your business. A flexible and pragmatic SaaS marketing strategy can help your business adapt to any bumps that might lie in the road ahead.


Using Zoom for sales: How to sell via teleconference

Due to the new socially distanced circumstances, essentially all meetings have moved online and are occurring through video conference services like Zoom. While in-person meetings will make a comeback a lot of us have come to value the ease and accessibility of video-based meetings.

Many in-person sales tactics work on Zoom, but in this post, we let you in on six top tricks to help you sell even better with Zoom.


The last SaaS churn guide you’ll ever need to read

Read it. Bookmark it. Save it.

In this comprehensive blog post from ChartMogul, they lay out everything you need to know about churn. Learn what churn is and how it works, how to calculate it, the different types of churn, optimal churn rates, and much more.