Sales Brief: Sales grind, SDR tips, business networking, & more

Sales Brief: Sales grind, SDR tips, business networking, & more

Well, 2020 has been unfolding in quite an unexpected way.

Most sales teams have suffered from the COVID19 crisis. Forecast is almost impossible. Everybody's remote. A lot of sales reps have been laid off, and the ones who remain, struggle to maintain a healthy pipeline.

Here at Close, we've been providing a variety of tools and resources to help sales teams transition through this unstable season. This week, we're excited to announce that we've teamed up with 360Learning to offer a LIVE sales training workshop.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to train remote sales teams, strategies for remote sales collaboration, actionable tips for time management, and so much more. Want to join us? It's taking place on June 10th and it's free!


In this week's Sales Brief, we're covering some awesome content featuring insights on email outreach, business networking, ramp time reduction, and more.

Ready for your weekly brief? Let's jump in.

13 SaaS SDRs share their best tips on email outreach during COVID-19

Nobody expected 2020 to go like this. Many of the plans we all had for the year are out the window. What does this mean for your prospects and their businesses?

We spoke to 13 SaaS SDRs who are in the exact same position as you. We asked them about the new challenges they’re facing and the methods they’re using to overcome those challenges. If you want to get A+ advice from other SDRs on what you can do to stay relevant during COVID-19, this is the article for you.


Business Networking: 5 Proven Strategies to Win in Business and in Life

Learning how to network and build relationships with smart, successful people is one of the most valuable things you can do in your career. But for many, it doesn't come easy. It can feel weird, scary and even sleazy. But when done right, networking is genuine, comfortable, and extremely valuable for both parties.

In this article, Groove shares 5 robust strategies for business networking — plus practical ways to approach and connect with people via email, calling, and conferences.


COVID-19 killed your industry? Here's how a tour booking software keeps selling through the crisis

What can sales leaders do when the industry their business serves is practically shut down? How do you lead a sales team through difficult times when the core of your business is in jeopardy of collapse?

We talked with Drew Barret and Ben Goffin, and asked them to explain how FareHarbor has been able to not only keep afloat, but thrive during such difficult times. This is their inspiring story.


Remote Work Survival Guide

Remote work is easy, right? Wake up, arrive at your desk in your PJs, and lazily cruise through the day. The truth is, working remote is a lot more tricky than it seems. And no one has it 100% figured out. has been writing about remote work since 2014. In this guide, they pull together the best resources to help you on your journey to remote work. If you're an employee working remotely for the first time, or a manager leading a team with no prior remote experience, this is a fantastic guide to check out.


The Sales & Marketing Grind

Hiten recently sent out a tweet, expressing his thoughts on the repetitive nature of sales and marketing. It sparked an interesting conversation for their latest Startup Chat episode: Sales and marketing is a different beast. It's different from other industries, like engineering or product design. There's a unique type of grind and repetition to it, and requires a specific mindset to push yourself to success.

How can you thrive through the sales grind? This is how Steli and Hiten personally handle it.


Reduce New Rep Ramp Time by Developing Your A+ Players

You're aiming to grow your team. You hired five new sales reps and you're ready to smash it this quarter. The challenge, of course, is getting new reps up to speed and productive as quickly as possible. You need to reduce ramp time while ensuring that onboarding practices are thorough and efficient.

In this article, Sales Hacker shares 7 sales onboarding tips they use to consistently reduce ramp time and set up our reps for success.


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