Sales Brief: Secret weapon

Sales Brief: Secret weapon

What if your sales team could close 2X as many deals in the same amount of time they’re working right now? As a sales leader, how are you supposed to guide and coach your reps when everyone is remote? What are the crucial components that every first cold email should contain?

In this Sales Brief, we feature some of the best sales articles that answer these burning questions. If you're looking for just one article to read this week, we highly recommend checking out 19 sales leaders share what they want to see in your first email. It contains a wealth of practical advice on cold emails from veteran sales leaders.

Without further ado, let's get into your weekly brief!

The 3 elements of sales enablement (and how they'll help you close more deals)

What if your sales team could close 2X as many deals in the same amount of time they’re working right now? Sounds like a dream, right? Well if you cut your average sales cycle in half, that dream becomes a reality. Obviously this is not something you can pull off overnight, but there is a solution that can get you there over time: sales enablement.

In this post, we show you exactly how sales enablement can help your team get more results without working more hours.


7 tried and tested hacks for ensuring remote sales productivity

65% of B2B companies admit that sales productivity is the number one challenge they face on a regular basis. That's a crazy number. With sales teams compelled to work remotely, streamlining your team’s workflow, and boosting the productivity of your working remotely is more important than ever. In this article, we share 7 tried and tested hacks for ensuring remote sales productivity.

These hacks will streamline your sales process and alleviate time from the menial tasks, so you can spend more time closing deals.


The #1 way to improve your empathy in sales

The ability to empathize can make or break a sales pitch or customer relationship in the best of times. But 2020 hasn't been a "by-the-numbers" year by any means. With such unprecedented levels of uncertainty in businesses across every industry, empathy—and the human connections it creates—is more important than ever, especially for sellers.

Empathy can transform a routine sales call into a moment of genuine connection between people, helping a seller to earn lasting trust and influence. To maximize your level of empathy in the workplace, we examine a key puzzle piece that could be missing: sleep.


Why your CRM is the secret weapon you need to keep coaching your sales team remotely

As a leader of a newly remote sales team, are you currently working on ways to coach your reps from afar? How can you manage your time and theirs successfully? How are you supposed to know what’s happening with your sales team so you can coach them in the right direction?

Guess what: You already have a secret weapon in your sales arsenal that can help you do all these things. It’s your CRM. How can your CRM help you coach your team remotely? In this article we'll explore three main areas where your CRM can help.


19 sales leaders share what they want to see in your first email

How do you approach a cold email in a time of crisis? We asked 19 B2B sales leaders a very important question: What do you want to see in a sales rep’s first email?

They gave us insight into the 4 elements your first cold email must include, as well as ideas on how to respond to common objections during the crisis. There are certain principles that sales reps should always follow when cold emailing. However, in a time of change, it’s especially important to make sure your cold emails hit these 4 key points: Awareness, personalization, value, clarity. This article will teach you practical ways to incorporate these points, and strengthen your email game.


Why the best sales coaches will push you & how to respond

If you’re still early in your sales career, you may not be the best salesperson on planet earth (yet). And that's okay! Everyone starts somewhere.

If you have a sales manager or a sales mentor who’s willing to offer their time to help you grow, it's crucial to accept their guidance AND their criticisms. In this post, we break down four reasons why great sales coaches are going to push you, and share the best ways for you to respond.


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